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Every existing species has its own purposes especially in our ecosystem. I can say that nowadays many of the species are endangered and afraid losing it forever. We as human, included as species should do things in order to save those endangered ones, it’s our responsibility as citizen to take good care and appreciate their existence as well. One way saving those creature is to stop eliminating or educating some on how to give importance on its existence.

Those endangered species should live in a way as they should be, like humans they also need a peaceful living for them to continue to survive. There are so many reasons why we need to protect area like this one of which is they still have its worth and purposes in our ecosystem and to our humans as well, for there is no reason to just lose it. For all we know that species belong as a living things and one of the creation of god as well.

Having even endanger species in a safer environment or somewhat preserving it is not the only way to protect species and habitats, there should be also law empowered with is so that hunters or abuser would totally take it as reminder for them to prohibit doing such unlawful things. It’s nice that this kind of incident appears its publicity for us to remind how kinds of species are endangered and should d have give a great attention on saving its existence for it’s not that easy to lose something important. There should be a federal laws involving on endangered species/plants on a private land.

Although this is not that easy knowing that is said to have grown in a private land but still a citizen it is our duty to protect and preserve for we need to do what is really right for the sake of our environment. Laws are not just for human it is for everybody involving ling things having a laws is a one way of preserving endangered species and habitats for us to be awaken how these god’s creation bring importance to our nature and for those to limit themselves for taking this situation for granted, For I believer that natures laws are the laws of god.

Still there are some citizens who are in favor of species protection and proposed some ways to save the endangered one some of which are eliminate a requirement for federal officials to designate “critical habitat” that must be preserved to save an endangered species and restore it to healthy population levels. Replace that requirement with a narrower one that says federal officials must identify areas of “special value” to species.

Require the federal government to compensate landowners whose property cannot be developed because of the presence of endangered species. Repeal a provision that protects endangered species from pesticides. Require the secretary of interior to define what “best available science” is in regard to endangered species protection. Currently, it is defined by the scientific community.

Codify a practice that assures property owners who set aside part of their land for habitat that they can develop the rest of their property without fear of being penalized if that development hurts species One of the reasons why some are against species projections because for them it can threaten human health and safety and may increase use of caustics poison and hazardous chemical.

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