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Intro to Fine Arts

Postmodernism in architecture draws its roots to a time when people rejected the rigid guidelines that were presented by modern architects. Like with many of the postmodern movements in lots of different fields, people sought to return something a little bit more exuberant back into architecture where they felt it was lacking. This is the primary tenant of postmodernism in architecture. In order to understand the approaches of postmodernism, one has to understand the modern roots from which it sprang. Modern architects changed the way that the world was built.

Instead of making things beautiful and worrying about adding the little aesthetically pleasing articles, modern architects sought to minimize the materials and the costs associated with building. This could have been due in part to the fact that urban sprawl left people clamoring for more space within cities. Regardless, postmodernism rejects these notions, opting instead to add their own spice to buildings. Postmodernists do not necessarily agree with being wasteful, they just feel that there is a much better way to go about making things more pleasing to the eye.

Postmodernism sought to reach out to human beings in a way that architecture had failed to during the modern period. Tall, efficient, drab buildings were great for the bottom line, but they did not do much for the workers that had to work there. That is why there is a focus on ornaments and making things look and feel nice under the postmodern viewpoint. Postmodernism is willing to sacrifice a degree of efficiency if it means that they can make something look a little bit better to the eye and if it means that the people who use the space will enjoy it just a little bit more.

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