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Introduction to Sociology

It is apparent that the social perspectives of generations change according to how events in the society manifest. For this reason, the different generations of a single family unit may have a significant difference between their perspectives towards society as a whole based on their experiences. For the earlier generations of my grandparents, it seems that they regard the society before as somehow very simple but full of conservative approaches in life.

Although they said it was reflected through the early 1900 of conservative and contained mindsets, their lives were much simpler and that it was easier to maintain a lifestyle just enough to survive. They had great sentiments over the crucial events in their times of social structure as they have experienced at least two world wars which basically identify their patriotism for the country. On the other hand, the second generations of my family, my parents, were self confessed to be more liberal in terms of acquiring lifestyle from the social structure they belonged.

They covered the eras of the 50’s to 80’s in which social evolution and the liberalization of the covered baby-boomers took place (Goodhart, 2008). They perceived society as the main initiator of change and the best stage to implement new ideas for government, political, economic, and social perspectives. On my part, the generation in which I belong seems to be inducing far more liberal mindsets than my parents.

As the world becomes smaller, many new philosophies in life have been initiated, making my generation full of discovery of other social structures and relationships. In summary, it seems that the social perspectives of my family as a whole were truly influenced by the changes in the society. My grandparents had the nationalistic upbringing due to the events of war they’ve experienced. My parents were exposed to a newer dynamic economic and social structure in their era causing them to be more liberalized.

As for my personal experience, the main effect of globalization has a true meaning over how I perceive society as a whole both economically and politically. Given these pointers, the changes in society truly have an effect over an individual and his family’s social outlook.


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