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Is Environmental Sustainability A Hoax?

Environmental sustainability is a hoax by all means. It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people. Environmental sustainability is the ability to sustain or maintain physical environmental qualities that are valued and recognized as essential need by man. these qualities may include; the environmental aspects that produces renewable resources like the solar energy, fish ,water among others . in addition to this there is the human life and thirdly the human living conditions and other natural spices like sustainable climate, air and many others. Most people would also wish to maintain their quality of life and the natural aesthetics.

This concept of environmental sustainability came about in 1972. It was introduced by the club of Rome in their book entitled” the limits to Growth” (Peter R and Linda B, 2004) According to (Yadaw 2008,) this issue of sustaining environment can be attributed to the risk of irreversible loss of environmental qualities people value most. There is the need to sustain our environment, as a matter of fact; some environmentalists are using a philosophical thought of: meeting the needs of the day without tampering with their ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This can entail reducing all kinds of wastes like use of less water, electricity and gasoline. Hoax can simply be defined as an attempt to make a certain group of people believe that a false idea is real. Environmental justice can be taken to mean as the critical involvement and treatment of all people fairly regardless of their origin color and, race and other considerations with respect to formulation, implementation and enactment of environmental laws policies, rules and regulations that govern their way forward to sustaining the environment. (Maquita, 2004) The statement that whether environmental sustainability is a hoax can be true.

This can be justified by the fact that three are a lot of environmental discrimination that need to be addressed despite some environment based organizations turning a blind eye on such issues. They cover the whole story. First of all there is the concept of environmental racism. This can be explained as a phenomena by which there is either intentional or unintended or unintended putting- up of waste sites that are poisonous and hazardous, landfills and polluting industries in places that communities who inhabited there are mainly;African-American,native Americans ,migrate farm workers, and the poor and the marginalized in the society.

These minority groups and the poor are Vulnerable since they are taken to be non-active citizens and weak that cannot air –out their problems or agitate their rights against the poisoning due to fear of loosing their jobs and their survival. It is said that three out of five black and Hispanic Americans lived in places with one or more waste sites or abandoned or uncontrolled toxic waste sites. As a matter of fact, the largest landfill that highly poisonous is located in Emelle, Alabama and other places are dominated by an African-American community.

It is said that it receives the waste from forty five states and from some foreign country. There is a major health problem in Marshall’s Iceland due to radiation exposure and other places like Bikini. These places are the tests nuclear and toxic weapons. These intoxications causes a lot of health problems to these people for example cancer These are some of the reasons that made the Environmental Protection Agency(E PA)of U S be criticized vehemently on unveiling its environmental justice as noted by David Friedman.

The EPA was trying to justify that there were no dump sites on non-white community places. It actually made erroneous analyses that dumping sites are found in the same places as located in white dominated places. To make environmental sustainability a reality rather than a hoax, there is the need to involve the minority groups and low income earners in environmental policy making, and also to prioritize issues of environmental equity as noted by Groomsman Karl. And put up measures that can curb high risk of poisonous concentration among the minority groups.

There is the need to integrate equity into minority communities and the low-income earners and the under privileged in the society. These groups of people if given a chance can contribute highly to sustainable development. Environmental justice and Social justice by all means are incompatible. There is a justifiable documentation that shows that black community and low income earners in U S are subjected to large amount of pollution and other environmental stressors at their places of living and work. These marginalized groups are not involved in decision making (Paul, 2000).

The environmental quality research has been very minimal in the black minorities. Pollution ought to be prioritized among the black society rather than issues of drugs, crime, unemployment and poverty. The poor and the minority groups have had fewer if any chances of being represented nationally by advocates or lobbyists concerning their environmental grievances. The international community is involving itself in other issues at the expense of climatic change and its consequences to both the earth and the environment.

There the high rate of soil degradation, loose of marine resources, loss of habitats and the global climate change not forgetting the widening gap between the poor and the rich. In conclusion, to sustain the environment amicably and justly, there is the need to have ant discriminatory laws that would act as a driving force for curbing public health and environmental disparities (Peter |& Linda, 2004). As noted in the Agenda 21,Sustainable Development, is the vehicle behind what Al Gore calls a “wrenching transformation” that society ought to endure to repair what he refers to as the damage of the 20th century’s Industrial Revolution.

(Peter |& Linda, 2004). This same Industrial Revolution that has given us modern infrastructure, medicine, indoor plumbing, clean drinking water, good air conditioning, and electricity. Sustainable Development encloses socialist scheme to include social welfare programs with government control of private business, modern medicine, and restructuring of school curriculum which serves to include children into politically correct group of thought.

Building an environmentally sustainable future requires nothing short of a Revolution (Maquita K, 2004) There is the need to involve and empower the citizens whether black or white or dominant or minor groups or low income earners and especially the poor and the marginalized in environmental-making decision is by so doing that environmental sustainability will shift from being a hoax to a reality.

Lastly it would be important to form transnational companies like International Council for local Environment Initiatives(ICLE) among others partnering with United Nations Environmental Program(UNEP). To enhance further this sustainable development, we must get involved and committed to the three E”s of sustainable development;Environment,Economy and Equity. Sustainable development process involves balancing these three.


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