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Islamic Fundamentalist Movement

This is expression is used in religious ideologies when describing the advocacy of coming back of fundamentals of Islam, for instance Quran which is a holy book of Muslim Sunnah which the prophetic teachings. In Islam we have a variety of movements for example those who are science oriented and anti-science, democratic and authoritarian, some who are devotional and political (Peter, 2001). Fundamentalist Most scholars have is an individual who is political in seeking original Islam.

Discussion Islamic fundamentalists for instance Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood believe that the current problems of the world come from worldly influences and claim that the only way to have peace along with justice in Islamic states lies in the coming back of original teachings of Islam. Also they go further to claim this should be pooled together with conscientious decline of any religious innovations together with apparent anti-Islamic customs.

They have went a step further to threaten those Muslim who dare to plead for the deferment of the Islamic laws and that their when they kill such Muslim they should not be prosecuted because the killing is acceptable under the law of Islam (Hassan, 2002). Basing on this argument some Islamic scholars have said that the fundamentalists themselves don’t observe Islamic traditions. The movements Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood have claimed to inspire Quran and Sunnah as the only reference point on the life of a Muslim family, society and states.

Both the movement have resorted to violence to achieve some of their goals for example Al-Qaida group has been associate with violence of bombing worldwide (especially in Western countries or any state which tend to be backing them) while on the other hand Muslim Brotherhood have been associated with Israel-Palestinian clashes which for a long time has been experienced in middle east and they were also responsible in the Hama massacre. Moreover Egypt has accused the Muslim Brotherhood as the group, which was behind the killings after the Second World War.

The movements have been accused and described by international community to very dangerous who have oppressed and killed innocent people. The members of the groups have been arrested and arraigned in international court at Hague. Some of the influential leaders of this groups for example Sayyid Qutb for Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden for Al-Qaida have issued so many publications calling for reinstatement of Islam (lost glory) by establishing back the Sharia through the use corporal power and Jihads in stopping the authorities of Jahili method worldwide.

It’s believed that Osama bin Laden was motivated by professors (Sayyid Qutb and Muhammad Qutb)| who had strong attachment to Muslim Brothers while he was taking his studies at the university. The movements are mostly financed by members’ contributions since they required making subscriptions over a given interval of time. Big percentage of these subscriptions comes from oil-rich states, for example Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Paul, 2003). Despite the mass arrest of movements’ members by international communities, in Egypt the Brotherhood remains its key opposition group as Al-Qaida is in Pakistan.

In addition the movements have been accused of holding illegal weapon training camps and undertaking counteracting the activities of United States Agencies for example CIS and FBI. The two movements are correlated to one another because it’s believed that without Seyyid Qutb Al-Qaida could not be in existence. These movements have been found to holding different political agendas depending on where they are based. Their agendas have always been based on the immediate goal the movement upholds.

For instance Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Syria has always been inclined towards politics leading to formation of formidable opposition to this countries’ government. It has gone miles further to finance their own political aspirants to be included in the policy-making bodies of the country so that their interest can be made and where possible safeguarded. While on the other hand the Al-Qaida has been in the forefront fighting with the government in Pakistan to make sure that their ideologies are uphold. This group has worked closely with Afghan guerrillas to fight the fellow country me4n who seem not to be their followers (Peter, 2001).

Beyond the agreement of these movements on otherworldly issues as found out in Wikipedia, there is a problem in their every day’s life since these groups cannot withstand their related organizational forms. They basically remain to be political movements, this clearly show that their terms of particular interests in politics and social influences are much of the world not beyond the life as they claim themselves. With these ideological differences by each movement, some have gone further casting accusations on others-this is mainly political agendas.

For instance Muslim brothers. Wikipedia free dictionary has found out that these movements claim that Islam has been separable from politics and that the etymological meaning of the word Islam is the political religion. This is the reason why it has been hard to separate government and Islamic religion in Muslim countries, for instance in Iraq. The Muslim brotherhood in this country has always kept fighting the government because it’s seen as if the current regime after they downfall of the mighty Saddam has been enforced by the western countries.

It’s clear that majority of the western countries tend to separate the religion with politics. Moreover this movement have continue to fight against the western countries in a belief that they are always led by political agenda of invading other states for material gain, acclaim which have not been justified. What these movements tend to hate is seeing someone or a country trying to challenge their own religion as experienced with other religions in some states. For example the democratic classes of Islamic states have never dared to challenge their own religion or even have not shown interest to do so.

With the dominance of Muslim brothers in Turkey and they believe of not challenging the Islamic religion has made this country to be the only state in the twentieth century not to have been exposed to foreign domination (Peter, 2001). Some of the sources of strength of these movements a) Alienation of Muslim from the European countries and other western states. Muslims have felt threats from western dominance and they only believe that for them to achieve Islamic civilization they need to be independent from foreign influences.

Hence there is fear as it’s believed that their members can be converted to Christianity as it was done by missionaries. As experts have established that Muslim primary fear of the Western countries is cultural loss, they rarely mind of political or economic loss as it has been established by Wikipedia, because they believe that ones you subject your culture to someone then your identity and faith get lost, which Islamists believe can destroy the religion. b) Restoration of Islam It’s believed after the World War I, less Muslim states had been left because majority had been alienated and then assimilated by Christians.

The Islamists concluded that maybe Muslim had lost their goal or cooperation among them hence needs to stand out and fight back to restore their lost glory and claim what belongs to them. This led to the coming up of this movement groups to accomplish the mission. For instance in Egypt the Muslim brothers fought hard to the extent of even abolishing the alcohol and spread Islamic teachings all over the country. This fight gave it a lot of exposure and recognition which has proceeded till now. c) Funding from Saudi Arabia

The movements especially the Muslim brotherhood have been financed by Saudi Arabia which a Rich oil producing state. This has been able to facilitate the activities of this movement for quite some time beside its member’s subscriptions. Ideological differences Some of the supporters of the Muslim brotherhood have accused their Al-Qaida team and their leader Bin Laden to be violent and inhuman. As established in Wikipedia free dictionary, they have claimed that they are; 1) Reformist 2) Democratic 3) Non-violent 4) Chiefly political

This political activism has clearly been shown in the country like Egypt where the group forms the main opposition leader in the government. Conclusion Various efforts have been made by these movements to fight against the Western states, for instance United States. U. S. has been made a target for its support of Israel and its presence in Saudi Arabia. These movements have seen this as an aggression against Muslims. For example Osama bin Laden believes that United State and Jews in Israel have an agenda against the Muslim hence need to be fought (Wikipedia).

Some scholars have claimed that these Islamic movements are dying, for example after failures of these particular regimes to improve the lives of fellow Muslim whom they have been fighting for example in a country like Sudan (Paul, 2003).


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