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Issues In Society That Affect Me

I would have to say that the biggest issue for me in coming to a new country would be the extreme cultural change. The United States of America is a wonderful place to live and a land full of opportunities for people like me who are from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but the traditions and culture are so different between these two countries, that it takes some time in getting used to the changes. I will adjust to the country over time and learn about the traditions of Americans.

I was once a Portuguese school teacher in Brazil before starting a new career in Columbus, Ohio as I am in my second quarter in Columbus State, where my major is Nursing. I find that the people from the United States of America are extremely friendly and always available to help foreigners in many different ways and they don‘t act as if I am so different from them. Realizing what a great place I live in today, makes all the sacrifices I paid to be here, well worth the effort.

I feel very fortunate to be able to meet so many people, here and learn how there is so much job opportunities for those people who desire and work hard for educational and career growth. I will continue to get used to the many cultural differences that I encounter in America and I will adapt to the American way of life, while being appreciative of the beauty and opportunity that this country holds for me.

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