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Jesus Camp

The movie, “Jesus Camp” was incredibly educational and enlightening as I learned about the “Kids on Fire School of Ministry” where the movie offered the stories of three children who attended the camp. Levi was a very young boy in this film and I was surprised by the fact that he had previously preached sermons in his dad’s church named “Rock of Ages Church” in Missouri.

Levi was amazingly, courageous as he preached a sermon at the camp for the other children who attended and by telling them that they were the generation that was important to Christ’s return, to his people, Levi displayed enormous faith in what he was teaching. The summer of 2005 was the setting where Levi, Tory and Rachael attended Jesus Camp and I find it incredible that adults offer this creative atmosphere for young people to grow in their religious faith. I also feel that children should have been monitored by outside sources, even though their caretakers claimed to be devoted Christians.

I feel that “Jesus Camp” offers an excellent look into the activities and practices in which children are affiliated with in these types of camps and I believe that this movie is considerably accurate with the events and portrayal of the characters, in the film. We grasp in this movie, that children who attend these types of camps are generally isolated from the general population and held separate from other children in society, so their faith is not wavered or led into a different direction.

Children are often naive and will be led rather easily by adults, who they trust and I feel that this movie demonstrates just how far a child will go when they believe fully, that they are ordained to fulfill a specific job for Christ. “Jesus Camp” was able to hold my attention throughout the movie and I was fascinated by the huge sacrifices that these children paid in order to attend camp where they could offer their lives to Jesus Christ, our savior.

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