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In my senior year at university it became apparent that upon graduation it was going to be difficult to find a job. Not only was it difficult to find a job in society at the time, but there was a great deal of competition for the jobs that were available. Even though we had not graduated yet, my classmates and I realized that in order to get a head start we would have to begin the process of looking for a good job in the area of our degree as soon as possible.

Unlike many other students we knew, whose majors were in the legal or accounting realm, we had majored in international business, where we had gained skills in marketing and strategy, as well as a host of other skills that were important in the business world. Because of this, there were many different areas of business that we could go into and in order to know the true scope of the jobs that were available to us, we decided to do some research. This group of International Business students, of which I was a member, decided to do a survey that covered the most important characteristics of the various jobs that would fit well with our major.

We divided our research into many various industries, such as finance, marketing, consulting, electronics and consumer. My interest was in finance so I became a member of the Finance team. When we began our first meeting in the team, however, it was apparent that there were going to be problems with the leadership. While everyone had thought it was a good idea, no one was willing to be the leader of their team because everyone had a lot of work to do in their classes and the team leader would have to spend a lot of their own time on this project.

I realized right away that without a clear leader that this project would be useless and I volunteered to become the leader. I believed wholeheartedly that the project would help my classmates, many of who were not sure what they would do after graduation or even what they were interested in pursuing. Right away problems arose, even with my leadership at the helm. My members did not cooperate with each other effectively. Everybody had their own thoughts on what should be done and how it should be accomplished and after the first meeting, many members did not return because they had a great deal of coursework to complete.

Also, many of my classmates felt that they would be better served spending their time surfing the job postings on websites to learn the latest job information and try for an interview. I wrote e-mails to my team members, explaining to them how I felt about the project and that I thought that if they did do the research it would help many of them who were confused about what they would do after graduating from the university. In addition, I explained, if we finish the survey project, we would know more about the industry and this would help us in the interview process.

As you know, Chinese are superstitious, so I also told them that doing the research would bring luck to their search. It took another month of explaining this to my classmates but I finally succeeded. My team members attended a second meeting and in this meeting, the cooperation between members was there and we were able to divide up the work amongst ourselves without dispute. Our focus was on finance, so we divided the category of finance into many sub-catagories, including banking, securities and corporate finance.

I encouraged my members to contact some banks so they could really understand why they employ the people that they do and what type of resume they would be interested in. By contacting them, I believed we would save a lot of time in the application process because we would know what they wanted in an employee. Although this was time consuming, we really got a lot of good, solid information compiled. In the end, myself and my classmates all found the information useful and we were all happy with the way we had worked together as a team to achieve our goal.

I believe that this experience will contribute greatly to my being a team member at the Jones School. As we know, MBA programs focus on team cooperation. As a team member, we must communicate with each other and everyone has to provide his own opinion and listen to others; however, because everyone comes from different backgrounds, sometimes we face a challenge in cooperating with each other in a team experience. Some may have different opinions from others and we have to learn to use everyone’s strengths to accomplish our goal.

With my leadership abilities, I am able to collect all the information from my team members, let everyone present their own view, and try to find a balance. I believe I have this ability as a team member and a leader. My greatest strength is being an open-minded woman that can be a strong team member by helping create a calm environment in a team experience. Attitude is everything, and it can even turn even the impossible into the successful.

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