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Joseph Raphael

Joseph Morris Raphael was born on June 2, 1869 in the town of Jackson near San Francisco. He was one of the top artists in the California school of Impressionism. He was the student of art teacher Arthur F. Mathews at the California School of Design. Though he had gifted talents as for art, he continued to polish his mastery in the theoretical aspects of the art as well. He continued his studies in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and also at the Academie Julian under Jean Paul Lauren.

He settled in the town of Uccle, Belgium. He had four daughters and one son. Chronological development of the artist: For major part of his career, he was a devoted follower of French Impressionism. Ample ‘raw material’ was available to him in the countryside near his home in Uccle. He toured France and Holland to paint extensively. His wife and children proved as his assets, he captured them often in his figurative Paintings. He captured them in their natural moods, picnic settings, close up studies etc.

Coastal towns and beaches of Belgium, his charming cottage, the flower gardens, vegetables, fruits and flowers—everything natural, which had sublime beauty, captured his imagination and he converted them on the canvas. “. He lived and worked in Europe for thirty-seven years always maintaining close ties with the San Francisco art community and his loyal art dealer and collector Albert M. Bender. In 1939 with the ominous clouds of World War Two approaching, he returned to San Francisco where he lived and maintained a studio on Sutter Street until his death in 1950. ”(The Art….)

He was also known as the expatriate painter. Honors and awards: 1. Honorable Mention, Paris Solon, 1906. 2. Silver Medal, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco 1915 3. Gold Medal, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego 1915. Many important Museums like San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California; Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, exhibit his paintings. Analysis of the artist’s work: “Raphael was a very prolific painter whose style was very expressive, often painting in thick layers of heavy impasto applied with a brush.

His paintings of flower gardens and of children in outdoors scenes are very colorful and in some ways similar to the technique used by an earlier European generation, especially post impressionist artists like Vincent van Gogh. ” (Joseph….. ) His mainstay is exquisite Impressionist landscapes, genre paintings and still life’s. The other areas of Art in which he specialized were watercolors, oil paintings, woodblock prints and pastels. Harvey Jones, Senior Curator of the Oakland Museum, quotes Society of Six member William H.

Clapp: “In my opinion, (Joseph) Raphael is the greatest artist California has produced, in fact, he is close to being the greatest Impressionist that the whole nation has produced. ” According to Jones, “Today it seems that Joseph Raphael is an artist better known for his considerable reputation during the early years of the 20th century and as a major influence on California’s Impressionist painters, than for his now too rarely exhibited paintings. “(Early….. )

Description of three of artist’s works: 1. Playful Moment: It is a painting, oil on canvas. Size: h: 8. 5 x w: 9. 5 in / h: 21. 6 x w: 24. 1 cm. Region: American. Style: Impressionism (ca 1860s-1880s. ) It is displayed at the Spanierman Gallery (212) 832-0208. 2. Landscape with woman burning rakings, 1924 Itching: 29. 8 x 39. 6 cm (image) California State Library long loan L503. 1966 3. The Town Crier and his Family, 1905 Oil on canvas, 78 x 66 inches Gifted to the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum (now the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco), Jan. 3, 1908 This is artist’s well known work. It was painted in Holland during the first decade of his painting.

The painting survived the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

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