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Judaism Report

Judaism is one of the three oldest religions among with Christianity and Islamism. The three of them are based on the scriptures of the Bible. The way the scriptures were revealed to each one has several differences. One of the Judaism’s core principles is its belief in a single all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, benevolent, transcendent God who is the creator and the ruler of the universe. Judaism’s traditions and practices have been known to revolve around studying and observing the laws and commandments of God as it was written in the Torah and the Talmud.

Judaism is a faith as well as a culture. We should not confuse Judaism with an ethnicity, because the faith is open to anyone who wants to convert to Judaism. With this religion comes the Jewish culture, the ones who believe and practice Judaism. Most of these Jewish people live in Israel, but a person doesn’t have to be Jewish-born in order to practice Judaism. The religion is open to everyone who has the same beliefs and principles in line with the religion. A good way to understand better this faith, we had visited the Center [………………………

] in Seattle. The best source of information about the religion Judaism should be from the ones in the religion themselves. The reception office were open I we had opportunity to dialogue with Shirley. She has been working here for over five years, after she finished raising her children. She explained that many Jewish women raise and home school their children. This is a very common practice among Jewish families. We meet on a Tuesday afternoon, because this was supposed to be a good quiet day.

She likes her job and keeps her close to the synagogue. She likes to help and orient visitor from the community. Shirley had agreed to answer some question for the school paper we are preparing. She did look over the questions and she smiled and clarify that she will share her thoughts and that many answers will be very personal. The phone kept ringing and our conversation were much interrupted. She was very apologetic and we were just thankful to get her to talk to us.

It was important to have a clear conversation with her so that I could understand what she is talking about. I clearly have very little knowledge about the religion Judaism as compared to her, that’s why talking to her is like learning first hand information. I was cautious enough to take down necessary information, as it would further help me in understanding more about the religion. There were some matters which I wasn’t able to understand at first that’s why I politely asked her to clarify those things, which she willingly did.

Her answers to my inquiries were not the typical textbook answers that one would usually stumble upon. It was more of a personal account, her life as a person growing under the religion Judaism. She related most of those experiences of her personal and spiritual formation, and has relayed to me that it was more of a learning process. As you live your life under a certain religion, you will know more about it as you age. It is there to guide you with the life you choose to live. And for Shirley, her life under Judaism was a fulfilling, successful life.

The conversation flowed remarking the main characteristics that everybody knows about Jews, like wearing a Kippa. Kippa is the little round hat that we seem often on the head of Jewish men. She referred to her childhood, growing up in a Jewish family and shares some anecdotes about her mother. Judaism is often compared with another religion which is Christianity. Tracing back the history of these religions, it is evident that Christianity has its roots on Judaism. However, the modern forms of these religions now truly differ in both theology and its practice.

In general, we can see that Judaism has greater emphasis on the practice, where it focuses on the core questions of how we should respond to the eternal Covenant of agreement which their nation, Israel, has received at the Biblical Mountain, Mt. Sinai. On the other hand, we can see that the religion Christianity has given more emphasis on theology rather than practice, as it focuses on answering the primary questions of how a person can be able to receive the Covenant being offered by Jesus Christ, the son of God.

It is not on the nation alone who received the Covenant, but every person in the world who receives it, as it is offered by the son of God. We can clearly see that these differences further branch out and continue to diverge into other differences in the two religions. Every religion has a reason for its existence, and as we look closer into Christianity and Judaism, they have clear differences when it comes to this aspect. For Christianity, it is there to provide everyone with what it holds as the only key or only path to take in order to be saved.

This is because of the Christian belief that people are generally sinful, and has to take a certain path in order to save his soul(Convert. org, 2007). It is part of the Christian belief that Jesus, who died by crucifixion, was the sacrifice made for the people in order to redeem the humanity’s sins. Because of this, everyone must accept Jesus so that they will be saved from judgment and will be able to attain Eternal life. Jesus Himself was the mediator of the New Covenant, an agreement with every person in the world who believes that he will be saved by accepting Jesus.

On the other hand, Judaism’s reason for existence is to carry out the agreement or the Covenant between God and the Jewish people. The Torah is the main source of story of the covenant and it is the one that provides the Jews with the specific terms in the covenant. It serves as a guide for the Jews so that they will be able to walk in God’s ways so that they would be elevated to a higher level of sanctity, thus allowing them to become role models of other nations. The Jews intend to teach everyone to lead a peaceful and faithful life no matter what it takes.

In order to fully understand about one religion, we should compare it with another, as its characteristics can be defined by its differences with other religions. Judaism is more of a way of life rather than a religion. A person doesn’t have to be born of Jewish ancestry in order to be under Judaism. It is still a person’s choice on what to believe and what to follow. And in order to understand this way of life, we should know more about the people who are living a life under this religion.

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