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Kevin Saunders as a Role Model

Role models are those individuals who sets example, may it be good or bad, for himself even for other individuals. In today’s world, role models merely referred to as the those who sets positive examples for others. Role models of positive examples have role demonstrating attributes and values. He find different ways of thinking to show good examples. Role models are simply can be our parents, teachers and any common individuals who we think have impact in others life. Kevin Saunders as a Role Model

“There’s always a way when you never give up” such an inspiring quote from a role model like Kevin Saunders implying great motivation and strong determination in life. Inspite of all the difficulties and problems(Associates), Kevin Saunders, gold medalist of the Paralympics, founder of the Wheelchair Success Fund and named Best All-Around Wheelchair Athlete in 1990, still show to the world that he can contain all of this and make his own name in United States(Dvorak, Jeanette and Fitness). With all those determination and motivation, he still reached fame and glory.

His successful life may hard to achieve, his story may become a guide for every individual in dealing some sort of obstacles in life. His interesting story may motivate and inspire many individuals, as well as he may become their role model. The Trouble In Life, we don’t really know or we really can’t foretell what would happen. Trouble messed up with Kevin life in April 7, 1981 when the most horrible grain explosion in South Texas happened. The grain elevator of the Corpus Christi, where Kevin worked as federal grain inspector, was ripped of.

The explosion led to the fatality of Kevin’s co workers and also greatly injured him all throughout his body, may it internal and external. It also collapsed his lungs and injured his spinal cord which caused him to be paralyzed (Associates). Optimism, Enthusiasm and Determination At first, he though know that he will be ineffective and uncompetetive for others most likely to his because of his condition. But because of his optimistic approach in life,with great enthusiasm and determination to live and excell, Kevin still fought for life.

He puts aside all his worries and did not put in to his mind his unexplainable condition. He did not mind about how he would face the reality together with his paralyzed body, all he though about was to improve his life and battle with life for success. Success for Kevin at first does not merely state that medals or awards. Success for him is the restoration of his physical and mental power, also restoration of self esteem, self respect and courage, courage to face life not minding about his current condition. In order to gain his ideals in life, he first sougth the help of body trainers just to rehabilitate his paralyzed body.

In accordance with his physical fitness activity, he tried to compete in the the world of paralympics where he first gained success. But he did not stop in here, he still workout for better life. The Achievements Realizing that he can not put back the time, he embraced what he had being paralyzed and uncapable of doing things. He faced the real world and was challenged. He sets strategies and plans for his future likewise for his dreams and goals. When Kevin attain success, it did not stop there hence he became more successful as he achieve greater accomplishments.

He also compete in Seoul, South Korea and Barcelona, Spain for wheelchair athletics and collected there much moore medals. With agreement to his paralympics success, he was the first disabled individual to be appointed and honoured in Council for Physical Fitness and Sports and worked with Chairman Arnold Schwarzenegger, the chairman of the council. He helped in maintainance of and achievement of great lifestyle for Americans. His success as wheelchair athlete also catch the attention of director Oliver Stone, who gave him the opportunity to appear in Tom Cruise movie “Born of the Fourth of July” (Associates).

As he enjoys his success, in 1990, he founded the Wheelchair Succes Foundation. He thought of this it was because as he experienced, one may not pursue his life if he is in disablities. He did this to help and encourage those disabled like him to participate and excell in their game of life through giving scholarships for their education(Foundation). And in today’s world, Kevin still want to accomplish great things. He also wrote a book entitled “There’s Always a Way”. He travels the world to do some inpirational talks on many schools, organizations and associations.

He also been going in tours in different cities, this is to educate other people about physical fitness. Optimism, enthusiasm and determination are the weapons used to by Kevin Saunders to face the trials in his life and to pursue his tough journey to aprticipate in his game of life. Given this kind of qualities, not only Kevin Saunders but we, the individuals, become eager to fight in our merely troubled game of life. With these great qualities, we all can excell in our various activities we plan in the future. Most likely hindrances may come as we took our journey in fullfilling dreams and goals.

We need to face it just because if it is not faced properly, dreams may not come true, dreams remains dreams at it is. Given that fate is not in our hands, we must be always readt for whatever fate might brings us. Whether it was good or bad, it is still our fate. Fate as defined as predetermined occurences or events in life, it may bring such unexpected events like tragedy or destiny. We cannot foretell what would happen in our life as fate is the one capable of it. Optimism Optimism or being optimistic is merely defined as positive outlook in life even though we face terrible life or simply the antonym of pessimism.

Being optimistic type of individual, we always think that life is good whatever may come into our life. Like Kevin Saunders, he truly sees everything as positive life even though he was paralyzed due to awful fate. He did not even think his disability as hindrance that could destroy his life. Otherwise he thought that his illness was his strength to gain more self confidence and self esteem to live as strong disabled individual. He was more hopeful that succes will someday come upon him. In the Book, The Winner’s Attitude, the author give an expalnation on how to attain success..

Success, may it be professionally or personally, postive attitude or great attitude can handle nearly all things life bring us. Attitude merely one factor to success (gee and Gee). In the article,The Power of Positive Thought, Tony melendez “ a thalidomide baby ” having also disability like Kevin also gained success in life. He was a well known well armed musician famous to US contemporary music lovers. He uses his feet instead, which is rarely done by any musician to play guitar. As optimistic he was, he also did not consider his disability a hindrance that could interfere with his music potential.

He considered it as a blessing or a good thing(Nealy and Enterprise). “ I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams ” as quoted by Dr. Jonas Salk regarding his views on optimism. This means that terrible and awful occurances can’t set aside our dreams instead it can be used to overcome those things(Khurana). Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is the term used for great devotion or being enthusiast for the ideals you had. It is also reffered as the inspiration or motivation by an individual in doing achieving something.

We must be enthusiast enough for something we are longing for. For Kevin Saunders, enthusiast for him may mean inspiration or motivation. He was well motivated and inspired to develop his physical abilty inspite of his disabilty. He wanted to have a stronger body inorder that he can particpate in wheelchair athletics or paralympics. It matter to him most the success not the fame when he can compete in that kind of event. At least you are interested in what you want to fullfil, you can gain it. For some people like John Dionas who succeed because of his enthusiasm.

He used his interest in car business to succeed on life. He was then merely a car washer and then become the general manager of Tacoma Nissan-Subaru where he worked as car washer. This is not the end of John’s Successful life, he also owned a Nissan-subaru franchise and asi become the president of it (Ott and News). “Love what you do. Do what you love” as quoted by Wayne Dyer, merely states the simple meaning of enthusiasm. Loving those things we long to do and do those things we are of we love to do and what we are interested of (Khurana). Determination

Determination is a virtue that we acquire when we have determined idea and resoluteness. We are have definite purpose in our goals and find ways to achieve it. Kevin Saunders showed how he was determined to attain his ideals in life. He plans strategically for his goals. He find ways to make use of his disablity and to improve his body in order to compete as wheelchair athlete. That’s how determined he was even with disabilty. Determination also shiwn in the stiry of a company whicf earn more bucks. Even it earned more revenue, they are still very eager to acquire much more then have desired.

They plans ways on how to produce good quality of their product ansd to improve their selling tactics inorder to earn and increase their sales ( Chang and Management ). “A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer and attempting a task he cannot achieve “, quoted by Oliver Wendall Holmes. It is stated in the quote the true meaning of determination. It shows here that everything we don’t know, there is an answer unless we don’t ask and that everything we desire, we can achieve unless we don’t try. It tells here that we need determination to have all what we want (Khurana).

Becoming a role model does not merely talked about the succes but it simply the attributes and attitudes we show in order to have success and make impact to our own lifes as well as other individuals in the society. We must show good examples to let others be encourage to succeed in life.

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