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Kids right

Much has changed since the time when children, or the youth in general have been really close to one another. Back then, most kids would usually get together, hang around with one another building tree houses and playing sack races at the local streets. The parameters of bonding and relationship building were intense as compared to what it is nowadays. This could probably one of the main reasons why we may say that values of some kids right now are not the same.

Along with the change of times, the youth nowadays are engaged with a lot of things nowadays that they either don’t go out that often anymore or get bonded through other means of communication. Back then, most people would really be happy if they could talk on the telephone and meet up afterwards. Right now, we have the internet, the ever-mutating mobile phones, among others. We would not expect Blackberries in the 50’s or 60’s would we?

These innovations in communication also discreetly changed the values therein of the youth and even adults (Banim, Banim, Banim, & Minsky, 2004). Technology redefined our values as well our common views on situations that arise whenever anything happens or goes on. It can also be said that the youth are passive nowadays as compared before. For instance, this was brought about by the comforts technology brought to our youth that makes it possible for oneself to connect with the world even without getting out of their rooms.

Although parameters are constantly changing, I can say that as society in general is getting more and more liberalized, so does the values of the components of society. With the notion that people could take care of themselves, we abandon the thought that we depend on one another in order to survive, year in and year out.


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