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King Henry VIII

Henry VIII is the son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York and was born in 1491 and became the King of England and King of Ireland. He was dominant and powerful during his time. He was famous because he got married six times. However, some of her wives were executed because of infidelity. Also, he is a poet and a musician. His best contribution in the music field is entitled “Pastime With Good Company” (Wikipedia)

He was involved in helping to improve some of the known buildings like the Nonsuch Palace which was among his greatest project, but was destroyed totally during the 17th Century and no remains were found (Wikipedia). Another is the completion of the King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, except for the great windows (Wikipedia). Henry VIII was a powerful fighter. He invaded France and defeated the Scottish during the Battle between them. Also, he was awarded by the Pope entitled “Defender of Faith” about his writings with regards to betraying Martin Luther’s propositions (Eakins).

Changes in England occurred when Henry VIII got interested in government. One of the changes is the separation of England from Roman Catolicism or the English reformation which includes the dissolution of monasteries and the taking away the authority of the Pope from the church. He wants this separation because of his desire of having a male heir, but her wife who was Catherine of Aragon failed to give him one. So, he finally decided to request annulment from the Pope to marry Anne Boleyn in 1533.

Wolsey, the Lord Chancellor still agreed what the King wants even though, it was against his will. The request was not granted by the Pope because of the pressure made by Catherine’s nephew, Charles V. But still, the request was summoned by Henry and it was approved after seven years (Eakins). The break of Rome is according to the law. When Henry became the Supreme Head of the Church, he recognized the break of Rome. In 1536, all public officials including the ecclesiastical people are required to approve the break of Rome by taking an Oath of Loyalty (Eakins)

Before Anne Boleyn was executed, she passed away. She was replaced by Jane Seymour in Henry’s heart and gave him a male heir in person of Edward VI. Henry considered Jane as his true wife because she is the only one who gave him a male heir during that time. On the latter part of Henry’s reign, there were two men involved in his government. They were Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer. Cromwell replaced Wolsey as administrator of Henry’s government, He begun to break the government in different parts to a more improved one.

Also, he began the dissolution of the monasteries. Cranmer guided Cromwell with regards to the changes (Jokinen). When Jane Seymour died because of the infection during childbirth, two mistresses of Henry namely Elizabeth Blount and Mary Boleyn who happens to be the sister of Anne Boleyn came Henry’s life. Blount gave him another male son. However, the young boy was illegitimate. Mary Boleyn gave Henry two children (Jokinen). Later, Henry wanted to marry Anne who is the sister of protestant Duke of Cleves because Henry saw her portrait.

When Anne finally arrived in England, Henry found him unattractive, but still married her on January 6, 1540. Their marriage was annulled because of the belief that she had been contracted to marry a European Nobleman(Jokinen). On July 28, 1540, Henry married Catherine Howard who is Anne Boleyn’s first cousin. He was very much captivated with his new queen, but unluckily, Catherine had an affair with the courtier. Even though, allegations arise, the king didn’t believe until Cranmer conducted an investigation and resulted to her implication.

Finally, Catherine’s marriage was annulled before her execution. In 1543, Henry found another who is a rich widow, Catherine Parr. Catherine is radical and Henry is conservative. Apparently, Catherine was her last wife and made Henry accommodate her first two children (Jokinen). Henry VIII died 28 January 1547. After 100 years from his death, theory came that he died from the disease which is known as “syphilis”(Wikipedia). Henry VIII was then built a government constituted by his father. Furthermore, during his reign, increase in governmental bureaucracy occurred.

It was continuously practicing it until Charles I’s execution. One hundred years after Henry’s death, the Commonwealth government was established (Wikipeida). Henry is known as the most accomplished king. During his time, he practiced only the power of authority not knowing that their economy was very poor. However, he was loved by many when it comes to his subjects and contributions in the country.


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