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Knowing the Enemy

The author concedes to the fact that there is indeed an enemy. The question remains however on who the enemy is. The author highlighted the importance of knowing such and along the course of the article, a variety of interpretations on the concept of jihad was shown, most of which are unfamiliar to the common perception of an ordinary mind.

Clarifications on the interpretations are necessary in order for the multitude to know who they are fighting and as a consequence thereof, to bring a better understanding on what had served as an impetus on such war and whether the response of the United States government, may it be defensive or offensive, had been justified given the present circumstances. I agree with the author that there had been a loose understanding of jihad.

Such loose use of the word brings danger on the perception of the majority of the population on Islam per se being the enemy, on the premise that jihad is one of the fundamental and core tenets in the Islamic religion. It should be pointed out that the concept of jihad does exist in the Islamic religion but its original definition has evolved through the years. What has started to be an internal struggle had evolved to an external struggle against non-believers. Much worse, the interpretations on who the non-believers are have also changed.

This brings more confusion on the context of jihad being an Islamic tenet. Another point worth noting from the author is that the believers on jihad as a violent means of extinguishing non-believers comprise only a minute portion of the whole Islamic community. Thus, only a minority supports such violent acts. This article offers a better understanding for those who are in the western part of the globe to be cautious in using such terms in order avoid hasty generalizations on the Islamic faith and those who believe in it.

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