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Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities

While serving in the United States Air force Reserve Okinawa, Japan as a Ground Radio Technician from 04/27/05 to 04/28/08, I supervised six individuals in ground radio maintenance activities, overseeing work in progress. I also completed repairs for sound maintenance practices, establishes requirements for maintenance equipment, support equipment, tools, and spare parts. This versatile experience combined with hands-on performance led me to understand the crucial dynamics between leadership and productivity.

In my present position as an Electronics Technician I have worked under little or no direct supervision while overseeing the lay-out, testing, repair and modification of production electronic components, parts, equipment and systems, related to computer/network equipment, Slot Machines, electronic UPS and DC power distributions for player card interfaces, and test equipment. Technical Skills: Ability to installs, maintain, overhaul, repair, and modify fixed, mobile, and transportable transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and related equipment as well as public address and video systems.

I have personally overseen very large and complex networking installation processes such as the installation of multiple Slot Machine sites containing over 250 Slot Machines, to include networking support, and all electronic installations and maintenance. Tested abilities backed by hands-on experience with a large variety of radio equipment, including: amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, single sideband, and independent sideband radio systems and equipment for point-to-point and ground-to-air communications; facsimile receivers; low frequency, high frequency, very high frequency, and ultra high

frequency radio systems; radio frequency amplifiers; recorders; keying and signal devices; generation and display equipment; and base radio systems Computer Skills and Abilities: Expertise in in Microsoft Operating Systems, Java and Visual Basic Programming, and Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.

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