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Kudler Foods Website Critique each of the following

This is a very simple basic website. Instead of using CSS it uses a basic temple which includes a header, left side bar and the main functional area. One of the main things while designing websites is the customers requirement. This website promotes simplicity and more blank spaces which gives each and very product link like Bakery, Meat & Seafood, Produce, Cheese & Diary and Wine its own individuality and importance. One of the things which might have been useful could be a an animated picture with each link. This could increase the visibility and navigation of the website.

The Web design is Easy to edit. As this is a very simple its is easier to edit this website as well. The only important tool to be used is software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. A software like this could make editing website as simple as editing a word document. In this website, one of the main things which could be edited regularly are the contents of the products like Bakery, Meat and Seafood.. etc. As this website has a main separate functional area it can be easily changed. New picture could be added and old pictures can be removed as well.

If the website owner wants to change the daily timings they can also be changed from the left navigational bar. The Web design has a good logo The best thing I like about this website is its logo. The logo matches perfectly with the color selection of the website. The black background elegantly matches with the white, red and pink colors on the logo. Apart from the color scheme of the logo, the concept of this logo is very nice, very efficiently portraying the type of business the firm is in. Although the placement of the logo in header can improved.

The Web design maps integrated into directions link. Linking maps in the website is a very efficient way of marketing. And this website has completely used this concept. When someone wants to visit a new place, interactive navigation is more useful than the address of the place. This makes it easier to find the specified place. The web master has employed this idea, which Is a very clever way of increasing the sales and providing a better customer service. The Web design Store hours easy to find. Yes, the website hours are very easy to find.

They are located in the left navigation. The timings are written according to their respective days. But there is one huge problem with it, that is AM or PM is not mentioned. This may confuse the customer. Another things which should be kept in mind is that the timings should be written in front of the respective day, not below the days because it might confuse the visitor of the website or he might take a long time is figuring out the timings of the respective day. The Web design Text Size and Font selection is good.

The font selection and the text size could have been done way much better. The text size on the navigational links is alright but the font selection is really awkward. Generally websites use funky fonts to attract the customer but the web master is using fonts which are used in writing 20 page office document. On the left had navigation the font and the text selection of the heading does not complement the its sub categories. The heading should be underlined and the sub parts should not be underlined. But unfortunately the opposite is true.

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