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Landscape urbanism

Landscape urbanism as described by Charles Waldheim is the injection of conceptual designs which will be efficient in producing urban effects traditionally. It means that landscapes of buildings, airports and city proper should be in accordance a modern-day, well-conceptualized design of an architect and a designer. The concept may be applicable to buildings and airports but it would not be as “efficient” as what Waldheim would like it to be if it is to be built within the city.

True enough; people are clamoring for various changes in their respective cities however this kind of change would be very detrimental for them. Building a modern park will bring about violent reactions from different organizations especially those who are working in connection with nature. Many environmental issues may arise that may even trigger the halt of construction of the said park. With the project La Villete, this speaks about the contemporary and at the same time modern urge of building a city park.

Alongside this is the fact that it does not compromise either of the elements to be considered in constructing a public park. For someone who is not fond of visiting parks due to many reasons, having a city park with a modern theme is something that those people will be looking forward to. Apart from giving these people a new air to breathe; they will also be interested in visiting parks since their demand of having a brand new kind of ambiance has been answered. La Villete for some reason is a far-fetched dream to build.

It is a post-modern city park that needs to be done in an extensive and at the same time expensive way since it will need a lot of aluminum and steels and when tested will be capable of standing for a long period of time. However, by building this kind of park there will be a big tendency that people will not be anymore at ease with their community or with what is usually in a park. Gradually, people will have to search for ultra modern structures and will despise the sight of trees and flowers. Additionally, having this kind of park would omit the essence of staying in a park.

For example, a person wants to relax and read a book under shady trees. How, in any way, can a modern city park accommodate this kind of need? In my opinion, the very meaning why a person decides to take a walk in the park is because they can find serenity or peace in that particular place without the sight of ultra modern items. A person goes to a park because they want to relax. And with that comes the idea that they wish to have time for their self and see things except their computers. We cannot deny the fact that a city park such as La Villete is in demand in today’s time.

We are in the modern era. Along with this is the urgent for any one to access the internet, call the telephone and other things mostly on communicating with other people. More, with the construction of such establishment there will be a probability that a certain area may not be “livable” to a particular group of person. Because a city is being seen as a historical or significant place, reluctance from dwellers may arise especially from those who have been staying in that particular city for a long time.

Changing something that is very usual, although needed, for some is hard to accept since they are not accustomed to it. It is not a question whether or not the change will be accepted. Of course, people will accept whatever change there is however this acceptance will not be done overnight. Having the conservatives (people who are staying in a particular for a long time) to what an architect think is best for their city will be very hard. La Villete as explained by Waldheim will be successful.

Given that proper addressing of concerns will be made and there should be an acceptable reason for people to accept that kind of concept. An architect for that matter cannot just construct a park without considering the people who will be benefiting from it. Prior to the construction process it self, those living within the vicinity should be informed especially if those people despise, in their own little way, anything that is on the modern atmosphere.

If the project will start, contractors should make sure that consultation will be made and that the introduction of such project will be made gradually so as not to create a chaos among the people. Tedious work should be done and extensive research should be made to put everything in order. Being in the modern age does not necessarily mean that all people will be pleased to see a park with aluminum structures such as flower boxes pleasing to their eyes.

Also, another point that architects should consider is on how to preserve the existing (if there is any) natural resources like fruit and flowering bearing trees that is standing in the park that they would want to modernize. Understanding the needs of the people is very critical with this kind of project and how they would react on such move. As what I have said, this project will be successful if the concerned parties will be able to communicate well with each other and take into consideration the opinions set forth by the conservatives.

Adapting landscape urbanism in buildings and airports around the world will not make a big fuss to people. Since the aforementioned establishments need to be in line with the trend, they should consider the fact that there is already a new form of landscaping. It will not be hard for people to accept change in their workplace if this will be a great help for them. Having an ultra modern open space area in a building will be very beneficial to employees. This certain space will give them the opportunity to retreat from their boring offices.

Definitely, this change will cost a lot but if this will enhance the working environment of people, then it will be good investment. As what is according to the text, landscape is a medium that is more appropriate for the open-endedness, indeterminacy and change demanded by contemporary urban conditions. As I was saying, it should be following the trend of the current generation and should not stick with the argument that it may inspire other people and draw from their imagination a new and more modern park.

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