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Learning team contribute

Participating in learning team helps a lot in one’s personal and professional growth. Although problems may arise due to the different individuals and minds coming together brainstorming for a certain cause. It is a learning team with the word TEAM entailing in it. It is a team and the team works hand in hand. They only think of their team’s objectives and the good of their team. There should be no competition happening in the learning team. All of the members should be helping one another in order for them to achieve their goals, what they are aiming for us a learning team.

It is a learning team, therefore; all of them should learn and should participate in it. They should work hand in hand; contribute ideas for the benefit of everybody. They should not think of selfish motives for the promotion of themselves. We can not deny that there are individual differences. This means we have different view and opinions, we may have different perspectives. What is beautiful and appealing to me may not be to you. One may disagree or agree with our stand, our views. It they agree then it is great but if they don’t well, our initial reaction is to get intimidated by them.

We have to bear in mind our differences. Involving in a learning team help us cope up with this. It will help us understand other individuals. It helps us to accept others views that are far much better than ours. We should not think of ourselves as very highly regarded for all of us are just equal. We as professionals should have the ability to know how to adjust to a variety of individuals because we can use them very much when we are in the working area. We have different colleague in the working area. An individual who is very selfish finds it hard to participate well in a learning tea.

This individual does not think of the learning team as a way to develop or to have growth in their personal life and professional area. A working man should be versatile and not opinionated but should be open to other’s views and perspective for the benefit of a company or a working area. Participating in a learning team really does a great help in developing a person’s character. It does help to train an individual to communicate well to other people with a different outlook in life. It can help them respect one another, that all of us is with great importance. We are of importance to the society, to our family and to God.

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