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Liberal & defined

Liberal is defined as a person who subscribes to the belief that members of society enjoy the freedoms that are guaranteed under the Constitution to the utmost. This means that the full range of civil liberties, without restrictions, can and should be exercised by every member of society and the government should ensure that these liberties are protected. Conservatives, on the other hand, are those who firmly believe that there is no need to go to one extreme or another.

While they subscribe to the same principle as the liberals in the sense that they too value freedom, they also believe in upholding the laws and virtue. This, according to conservatives, can only be obtained by adhering to the lessons of tradition and history from which no derogation is tolerated. Leftist, while often associated with liberal, is different in the sense that they promote government regulation of business, commerce, and industry; protection of fundamental rights as well as encouraging government intervention for those who are marginalized in society.

As compared to rightists, who are defined as those who uphold a traditional understanding of Constitutional Issues and adhere to a liberalization of on governmental economic policies, the leftists also share similarities in that they agree with the protection of freedom and rights but are dissimilar as to the methods of attaining this and the extent of the right. Centrists are often defined as a person or individual who relates more to certain positions that the Left and the Right do not support.

The problem with this understanding is that it does not provide an accurate description of a centrist but it does strengthen the point that what a centrist is may change over time depending on the location and the circumstances. Centrist ideas before can be considered as extremist today and vice versa. A moderate, as compared to a centrist, traditionally holds a view that is a compromise between the Left and the Right.

While similar to a centrist, the moderates usually do not take a firm stand on a single issue in that they oftentimes seek to balance the issues and tend to subscribe to conciliatory views between various political parties. It must be noted that the moderates differ from place to place as well depending on the circumstances. A hawk, as differentiated from a dove, is a word used to describe those during the 1970s who were pro-war. These were the people who believed that the only way national security and American dominance could be preserved and promoted was through the military subjugation of others.

This is also used to denote those who have aggressive foreign policy beliefs and ideal with the thinking that military supremacy is the only way to get world peace. A dove, on the other hand, is described as those individual who believe that the only way to resolve international conflicts is through dialogue and mediation. Open communication, as opposed to aggressive measures, is the most effective way to attain world peace. This was a term that found its origins in the dove which was considered as a bird of peace and as such the symbolism did not stray far from its usual connotation.

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