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Life enjoyment

In today’s fast-changing world where everyone is caught up with the things that are necessary for their subsistence, there is one group in the society that live their lives as if there is no tomorrow. They suck out life’s enjoyment and whatever happiness it can offer. They are living in the world where they have their own culture. Culture that influenced them a lot, from the way they talk, the way they move, and the way they dress. Culture that is created by prominent people, these people are considered celebrities, they come into different age bracket but they influence every people especially that group that I am referring to.

You might wonder what I am talking about, which group and which culture. The group I am talking about is the group of youngsters, teens, those who are in their stage of growing up, figuratively speaking. The members of this group are those who are usually longing for the sense of affiliation. And they are invaded, rather influenced by the culture we call – popular culture. Yes, popular culture is indeed the number one source of information of almost every youth around the world. Opposed to what others think that popular culture is not that good, there are ways that can be done to utilize the existence of it.

In lieu to this, let us take a closer look to the movie entitled “I AM SAM”. The show stars Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning. The story is about a guy who is mentally challenged; bore a child to a prostitute. Due to the lack of mental capacity to live a normal life, the social welfare gets the custody of his daughter (Dakota Fanning). He refused because his daughter is the only person who keeps him going; her daughter was his only joy. So the guy (Sean Penn) resorted to the help of one of the famous and the best lawyer in town.

He appealed to her better nature to handle his case. The lawyer who is played by Michelle Pfeiffer has a reputation of being cruel. She first rejected Pen’s request but the intrigues she got from her colleagues made her agree or accept what Pen’s is asking. The story went on, and in the end the lawyer somehow made the case successful because the court allowed Sean Pen to visit her daughter and be with her whenever he wants to. The setting of the movie is in America, and as can be seen in the video, there is a great love for a family member.

Any differences or circumstances would hinder to be together. It also shows that the social system, like the social welfare is really particular with the need of the children. It also reflects that Americans are really anti child battering and the like. The movie also portrays the typical scene wherein there is a conflict of interest, that one can not have the best of both worlds. As for the case of Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie, she is a successful lawyer and yet she is not a good housewife in the sense that she did not succeed in making her family intact.

It also shows that she; because of her career she tends to forget her son, which she later on realized through the help of Sean Pen’s character in the movie. The staff of the movie greatly portrays the substance of the culture there is. The directors clearly show the typical setting of an American family and how it strives to make each they. I should also comment on the numerous Starbucks that were seen in the movie. It somehow tells that Americans are coffee addicts and it is part of living to have odd jobs to sustain a living.

It also shows how the Americans behave when they are in rush, they tend to under mean other people. The place of Sean Pen’s in the movie also shows their housing system and how it is to have a neighbor. The movie could say that there are qualities of American that could make them be loved. It also shows that the country though federal has a great care in the welfare of children to the point that even the biological father who is not capable to raise his own daughter was prohibited to be with her daughter.

The bad thing about it is that the movie reveals how Americans can be not so emotional all for the respect of the law. This can have a bad implication to those countries that have close family ties. The movie can help other people to communicate with them in terms of respecting their ideologies, the culture and all that stuff. It also shows that it is fun to be with the people in that culture and it also show that every people have innate goodness in them. It also shows that patience is essential because it would pay off in the end.

Lastly, it shows that love is what we all need because everything is nothing without someone who we dedicate all our hard work, and it is also important that we value our family more than any one or anything. The movie touched my life in so many ways. It was a good movie.


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