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Local community centre

For the past few days, Tracy has been seen talking to her school friends after school hours. She has been seen going shopping at the mall. She has been seen going with her parents for their weekly family dinner. She has also been helping at the local community centre. So what is so abnormal about this situation? The answer being that Tracy has not been seen doing any of the above from the time her father bought her a laptop two years back. So why is Tracy involved in all of these activities now? She has joined the Webaholics De-addiction Center, to cure her of her addiction to the Internet.

The above-mentioned situation and solution are hypothetical, yet most people may identify with it and for those who do not, welcome to the world of “Webaholism”. To put it across in a more technical manner, “Webaholism is a dependency on the world-wide web (Internet) characterized by craving (a strong need to use the Internet for web browsing and chatting), loss of control (being unable to stop staying away from the Internet despite a desire to do so), loss of interest in everything else”. This new addiction is quickly spreading all over the world.

Along with various developments that have helped us grow by leaps and bounds in this century, it has also brought with it certain ill effects, Webaholism being the most recent one. People irrespective of their age, location, monetary standing etc. are being affected by this fast spreading disease. There is no doubt that the Internet provides us various opportunities for learning. The clique that advocates for the Internet talks about the educational benefits of computers and the Internet. Anyone can now access information on every conceivable subject.

They can access websites from their own homes that will teach them about various places, traditions, and cultures of the world. It has become a very useful tool in assisting students to do their schoolwork. There is a mass of information on the Internet, which can be extracted at the press of a button; the amount of research that can be done with the help of Internet is phenomenal. The Internet is also a huge warehouse of entertainment. It combines the pleasures of watching movies, listening to music, chatting with friends, the options being countless. There are various sites, which allow music and movies download, for a small fee.

There is also a new concept on the Internet called “blog”, which is an abbreviation for “web log”. It is a site wherein one can put in one’s thoughts or opinion about a particular topic and other people who read that topic can post their comments about it. There are also numerous sites, which serve as discussion forums for various topics. From the younger to the older generation, every person uses the Internet for one need or the other. It helps us to connect with people and places, which in normal circumstances would be close to impossible. Time and distance is no longer considered a barrier with the advent of Internet.

There are various kinds of games too that can be downloaded from the Internet. Many games that test an individual’s word power and mind power are not only educational but also very interesting to play. This helps the children and adults alike to keep themselves busy in more creative things than watching television. The Internet also requires continuous interaction with the user, which means, it is a more proactive medium than television. The Internet has thus become a huge melting pot for people from all races, religious convictions, gender, locations etc.

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