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Made of wood

People used to use many things made of wood. They use paper everyday on their offices and homes. They sit on wooden chairs under wooden tables. Also, they use wooden doors and windows. In some countries like the USA, they use the wood in building houses and caravans. Almost all of electricity companies are using wooden poles to hold the overhead lines. Furthermore, in some places they cut wood to generate heat in cold weather. The thing that we do not know about is where we bring the wood from.

The answer is very simple: from destroying forests. These forests are very useful to our lives. The trees in the forests provide us with the oxygen that we need to breathe. By cutting down the trees they are reducing the amount of oxygen in the air. In addition, some kinds of animals will migrate to other places which differ in the weather so that they can not adapt to the new situation. Also, some kinds of bacteria which are very useful to the environment will disappear.

People have to stop deforestation and find solutions to save our environment and lives. Governments should pass laws to protect the forests. They can use other substances for making chairs, tables, windows and doors. There are some substances which are very useful such as plastic, steel, glass or aluminum. Also, they can use the computer with its domains and programs such as emails in reports or homework instead of using paper. Electricity companies should use steel poles to hold the overhead lines which provide more safety like some cities in USA.

Heating system they can use gas heating system like British system. I think that all of these solutions are possible but there are some problems with them. If the governments pass laws or fines, there will not be any big affect because the fines are not large enough to stop destruction. Furthermore, governments need security system around the forest and this system will cost them money because they will pay for employees, cars and cameras. Also, all of these substances are expensive.

These substances are recyclable which means we can use it many times but the problems are that the recycling is expensive and need a lot of energy to produce. Using the computer instead of paper needs some people to buy computers which are expensive and need more education. In some places we have to use paper as a document. In conclusion, it is better to focus in planting instead of cutting trees and I think we have to think about our next generation and what can we do to help them instead of keeping them facing our mistakes.

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