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Major institutions are promoting pluralism

Major institutions are promoting pluralism as an answer for our ever growing diversity of groups in America by having different establishments that are dedicated to different ethnic groups out there. For example, there are all different kinds of places to eat; you have Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Southern, etc. I mean you have a ton of places out there because each one is different and has a different taste. To me this is an example of pluralism because it allows change and diversity all over America. Businesses have different races of people running them and there are many small owned businesses by many different races.

If there wasn’t pluralism in America then I honestly believe that there would a lot of hate and dislike in the world because the folks that are different are going to be treated badly because there wouldn’t be such thing as diversity without pluralism. I believe pluralism is the root of diversity and without it the world would be worse off than what it is today. If people would allow change and allow things to be different and not have such a problem with it then we would have all the problems we have in the world.

If people would allow others to practice whatever religion they like, for example, then things would be so peaceful. Anyone who is different seems to get treated poorly just because of what they practice or what they look like; and I believe that if people would just accept difference then things would be so much better for everyone. – Crystal Hiben There are many kinds of pluralism that are present in America, and one of the most evident types of this is cultural pluralism, or the maintenance of these culture’s unique characteristics.

Other types of pluralism present in the country are political, religious and economic pluralism. Your examples lean toward further support of cultural pluralism that this diversity should be widely accepted and even embraced because it makes variety a constant for everyone, and therefore will promote peace. This insight is definitely true, because the simple tolerance or acceptance of pluralism could have saved the world from a number of wars that definitely affect the world’s economic and social interaction with one another.

Cultural, religious or political differences may be tricky to deal with but it certainly should not come to thinking that a belief is superior to the other. I too believe that is the key to peaceful pluralism: acceptance and tolerance. After all, we should all be equal as people, we have the same rights to practice what we want to believe or be who we are with regards to our race. Post 2: My first introduction to pluralism began in public school. I moved all over the country as a child but somehow the only interaction I had with other minorities was at my school.

It was their that the difference was really culture, not skin color. I think the more exposure we have to other cultures,skin colors, religions, the better chance we have at welcoming all types of people. People are so easily influenced…. all it takes is one excepting person. If one person thinks that someone of a different race is `ok`, then others will follow suit. Colleges dont look at race any more, employers dont look at race. Its all about who is qualified…. who will make the perfect fit. You cant even tell by name anymore what race a person is. People are weaving `white`, `black` and Hispanic names together.

The restaurant example was excellent!! Even in a Mexican restaurant, you will see, white, black, asian…. everybody!! This is such a great way for people to learn about each other. -Sherry Tillotson This view of pluralism definitely centers on the interaction of different races in the country. Colleges and employers no longer judge a person’s ability or skill according to his race, culture or beliefs. Thanks to the breakdown of certain stereotypes in society, pluralism now allows different people to be able to do what they want without being put inside the imaginary boxes history thought out for them.

Society’s constant and comforting exposure to different cultures and people also allow for much acceptable diversity, therefore creating a world that is very different from when these people were judged because of something that wasn’t a fault or shortcoming anyway. It is true that many people are influenced easily, which is why all it can take is for one person to make a difference. Barack Obama is the perfect example of this, he is the hope for anyone in society who is still oppressed because of the poor support for pluralism.

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