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Managing a Dream

The best thing about dreamers is that they never stop dreaming. They start with one step then drag the other foot forward to the direction of a certain goal regardless if it is short-term or long-term. Being a dreamer may have its own share of flaws, but truthfully, I consider these flaws to be a dreamer’s greatest strengths. I am a dreamer, and I have numerous flaws. I tend to go overboard in pursuit of a dream. I dream to achieve so much in life that most of the time, there are mistakes that I have unintentionally caused to happen. During my undergraduate program, I was suspended for a year due to academic dishonesty.

The final examination in one of my biological science subjects was the toughest determinant of my performance in that class for that year. I badly wanted to pass the exam that I resorted into cheating. What I considered to be unfortunate at that time is what I consider to be the most fortunate at this moment: I got caught. They suspended me for a year, and I had no choice but to stay at home. At first, I never really took the suspension seriously. I thought it would actually be the perfect time to get some rest and get some good vacation. School is not always the best place to be in.

After a few weeks of boring myself with senseless activities, I asked my parents to fly me off back to Taiwan where my father is currently residing. Upon arriving in Taiwan, I asked my father if he could help me out in finding a job in the meantime. He recommended me to AGS LTD Co. in their branch in Taiwan. It was hard work for me because an employee of my current degree could not receive a higher compensation compared to those who have college degrees. This was the time when I realized that a great deal of good things come out of good education.

When I cheated, I lost the education that I could have learned which could have contributed to my intellectual ability. I could have shaped a better future if I was not suspended for a year. I realized how important time is in relation to education. Not everything in this world can be learned even if one sums up the entirety of his or her lifetime. In Taiwan, I have seen how businesses and companies succeed by means of excellent decision making. In that country, I was able to mold my short-term and long-term goals. I discovered the need to become a part of a business company.

I want to work at management consulting companies as a management consultant because I believe that management consultants possess the problem-solving skills that every business requires to thrive. It was also in this place when I decided to pursue larger goals such as becoming a prestigious management consultant and perhaps starting my own business. AGS LTD Co. has clearly shown me how business can financially secure a family and further generations’ lives. I believe problem-solving skill is the crucial element to the foundation of any great business.

When we encounter conundrums, we should possess the abilities to solve them because it is much profitable than hiring people of other professions to solve the problems. Learning about the visionary curriculum of Merage which centers on strategic innovation, information technology, and analytic decision-making, I am confident that I would intellectually and personally grow with achievable goals. The fact that the program focuses on students’ interactive learning by means of promoting teamwork shows that it is serious in readying its students to the reality of the business world.

With the knowledge and training from _____ School of Business, I believe that I will be able to obtain the essential education that I need to become a management consultant with fine problem-solving skills; thus, becoming a necessity to any business which is looking for improvements in its management. Describe a recent professional experience where you have taken an active leadership role and the impact it has had on your organization. My work experience in Taiwan made me decide to go back every summer and work there as an assistant development manager.

Probably one of the proudest challenges that I have ever encountered as a development manager was when the development team was not able to finish manufacturing a shoe product which was due at 8:00 in the morning the next day. It would have been completed on time if one of my development team members had not messed up on the materials. Unfortunately, we had to start all over again, and the time was already 7:00 p. m. It was time for employees to go home. I decided to ask the buyer to extend the deadline, but I realized that it would not only make their company lose millions but would also drag our profits down.

I had to make a quick decision so I settled on asking them to stay overnight to finish the product. At that exhausting time, I volunteered to go buy food and coffee for everyone and suggested everyone to do a 10-minute exercise from time to time. Everyone stayed up until 5:00 a. m. to finish the project. I also allowed everyone to take the day off. The result: our company made it to the deadline and made $100,000 that day. I was also able to build my reputation as an effective assistant manager to my development team.

After this incident, my team always promptly listens and follows my order as an assistant manager and at the same time respects me for my considerate actions and decisions. Each of our students is unique. Describe how your background, skills, and values would contribute to the Merage community and enhance the experience of your prospective classmates. I lived in Taiwan for 15 years before we migrated to San Marino, California. My father still resides there by himself so I decided to stay with him and find some real work. He is running a business there and could only visit us in the States three or four times a year.

He is the most responsible and self-motivated person I have ever met, and most people close to us agree that I am responsible and self-motivated in my own way. Our family has close personal ties which is normal to most Asian families. I was raised to see the sacred value of prioritizing my family above all else. AGS LTD Co. has clearly contributed a great deal in my personal and intellectual maturity. It gave me the opportunity to dream big in life and to believe in myself due to the challenges that I have encountered in the company.

It has also given me the necessary tools to ready myself for a future business career. Being exposed to a foreign country’s business is a huge advantage for me and can also serve as a potential contribution for my prospective classmates in Merage. I can share what I have learned with regard to how other countries such as Taiwan run their businesses. Thus, my work experience in a Southeast Asian nation allowed me to have a wider view and global perspective with regard to business management.

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