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Math lesson plan using bloom’s Taxonomy

Describe verbally how the total place value of a digit can be obtained given a mixture of whole numbers and decimals. Correctly differentiate between the place value and the digit value of numbers without any difficulty. Apply the skills acquired to solve problems dealing with basic operations of place values and digit value. Critically analyze a given operation so as to identify its hidden components to help in providing appropriate solution to the problem. Provide a general arrangement of the analyzed problem so as to create concrete solution to the problem.

MOTIVATION Review of the previous lesson on positions of digits both after and before decimals. The learner answer questions verbally, take down short notes in there books, ask question for clarification by the teacher, identify position of digits from the chart, write correct answers for the illustrated examples in their books and do examples on the white board. Learners participate actively through answering questions, doing examples on the white board and by listening to the lecture and chart demonstration from the instructor.

PRESENTATION IS DONE THROUGH THE USE OF White board, lesson charts, lecture, teacher’s demonstration using an overhead projector and power point illustration. REVIEW / ASSESSMENT OF THE LEARNING PROCESS The teacher asks question to gauge whether the objectives have been achieved and then gives this assignment. ASSIGNMENT Caste was driving to Halifax when he spotted a big green gorilla on the side of the road. She immediately stopped, jumped out of her car. She saw the outline of a number on the gorilla.

She could not quite see the number, but she knew it was a 4 digit number. But she remembered seeing a number one, in the hundred’s place she remembers the number was 3 times the number in the thousand’s place. She said the number in the one’s place was 4 times the number in the ten’s place. Finally she said the number 2 was in the thousand’s place. What was the number?


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