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Men think more about sex then women do

Fact: Men think more about sex then women do. Fact: More men are likely to take a peep when women undress. Fact: There is more pornographic material in a teenage boy’s bed room than in women. Let’s face it we all have a little bit of voyeurism in us whether we like to admit it or not. Take for example the movie entitled Saw II, the first person the killer murdered is a voyeur. Listen to the way the killer talks to the person, the reason behind why he had placed the key below the voyeur person’s eye. It was done so to make the voyeur chose if he wanted to go blind and continue living or if he wanted to die.

The voyeur choice the later part, to die because he could not take out the key from his eye without going blind. This is a classic example of voyeurism. Voyeur comes from the French word Voir which means to see or to observe. When added with the suffix –eur it literally translates to the “Seer” or “Observer. ” Statement of the Problem: So many questions come to mind when this word is said. The question that this paper would like to answer is what is voyeurism? What are the symptoms of a person who has this type of disorder?

Can person with this disorder really be cured? This are some of the questions that this paper wishes to answer. In the most parts of the research, the paper has three hypothesizes : (1) Voyeurism is a sickness, (2) It is curable through long hard treatments, (3) Most people would rather stay in the dark about sicknesses they can understand and that dose not bother them. It’s sad though cause people calm to be social beings. Relevance of the study: This paper’s relevance is to inform people about the psycho – sexual disorder called voyeurism.

Those many people have it, a lot more are in the dark about it. This paper aims to show what is a voyeur, what are his signs of being a voyeur, what are the law against voyeurism, and lastly what is the treatment that a voyeur has to under go to get well from this sickness. Why is it relevant to know what this sickness is? One reason is that along with the age of technology comes the age of pornography. Now a day the computer is necessary for school work. Yet there are a lot of web sites that show pornography. They even have live sex shows on the net.

Children are curious beings especially upon entering the teen years, what is an age restriction to them anyway, any one can lie about their age. This paper aims to prove that there is a little bit of voyeurism in everyone but some people possess the ability to control that little bit of themselves. This paper also aims to make people aware of their surroundings because they will never know when they would be a victim of a peeping tom or a voyeur. This paper dose not wishes how ever to raise paranoia in people, there are ways sickness can be dealt with medically.

We should not condemn people with theses sorts of disorders. This paper is relevant for it aims to make people understand that there are a lot of disorders around us and being afraid will not help. Background of the study. Sexuality Source : Psychology 7, pages 439 – 445, John W. Santrock Voyeurism is a psycho- sexual disorder, which means that it is not just mentally but also sexually. What is the relation between the mental and sexual state of a person? There are a lot. Just like every part of our body, sexual urges passes through our brain which pushes the urges to our cerebral cortex and limbic system.

The Limbic is found in the hypothalamus which stimulates our sex drive. According to the book electrical stimulus of some areas of the hypothalamus can increase sexual drives. While surgically removing some areas of the hypothalamus may produce sexual inhibitions. We have sexual patters that we follow, it is normal for us to have that. According to the book that I read the sexuality of a person can depend on her or his up bringing. This means that adults can encourage the younger generations in anything they do. The statement also means that the adults can encourage children to be a voyeur.

Sex education helps in explaining to the child what is normal and what is not normal. But in the way that the children in our days are growing up who is to say which is normal and what is not. Voyeurism can start as a deviant behavior, which means it stays away from the normal pattern of sexuality. Scope and Limitations Voyeurism is a very broad topic and there are only two limitations I can think of with this topic. Those limitations are time and the ignorance of people who would wish that this sort of problems would just go away.

But they couldn’t have been more mistaken about this topic. This paper clearly shows that you can’t leave a voyeur to his or her own vices. It is destructive and no matter how much the people want not to deal with it eventually they will have too because it is a part of life. There is so many reading material on this topic that there was not enough time for the writer of this paper to read them all. This paper tackles the topic voyeurism which covers human sexuality. It also covers the definition of voyeurism, its symptoms, laws, and treatments for the sickness.

This study also scopes what people do not want to know about the sickness that is very evident that everyone a little inside. Some can deal and dose not succumbs to the temptation to become a voyeur. But others do not have the luxury of that. Review of related literature. Voyeurism Source : Wilson, Josephine F. Biological Foundation of Human Behavior, New York. According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary a voyeur is a person who finds sexual gratification in the covert observation of others as they undress or engage in sexual acts.

There are two types of voyeurism, one is the non-consensual type of voyeurism which is when he watches his victim in stealth. For a voyeur getting caught is one of the thrills of the hunt. The second type of voyeurism is the consensual voyeurism, which means that the victim dare this paper call her that knows that she is being watch while undressing or engaging in sexual acts. Can a voyeur still be called a voyeur when the victim that they are being watched? Isn’t that called exhibitionism? Anyways, moving on.

According to this article as well there are three concerns of a voyeuristic behavior. What are they? They are: (1) The Surreptitious nature of observation. Meaning that a voyeur can blend into normal crowds. There is nothing that would make them stand out and be noticed. (2) The private and intimate nature of what is being observed, and lastly (3) the sexual gratification. Most often voyeurs wait till they get home and masturbate with what they had just watched or observed. There are two styles that a voyeur can use to watch their victims in a crowded subway or by way.

One is looking down a female’s shirt while standing close to them. This process is called down shit. The next one is called up skirt which lets the voyeur look up the skirt of a female while she is bending down tie her shoes or pick something up. The symptoms of voyeurisms are as follows (1) the recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, (2) they have sexual urges or behaviors involving voyeuristic activities, and lastly (3) Voyeurism is a crime Source : Canadian criminal code, 2002 Due to the rampant complaint of people, a bill was pushed to make voyeurism a crime.

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