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Mexico and China

It is a common belief of most of the population that the one and only output gained by forests and forestry is wood and related products that in turn are used to produce a plethora of other commodities that we use in our daily lives. This paper will focus on some other unique and interesting use of forest products. Moreover, it would elaborate on what effects forest products have upon us with respect to social, economical, technological, political and environmental factors. Discussion

There is a large amount of materials that are extracted from forests in order to provide some benefits to the civilization. Some of these could include edible products, foliage, decorative products and medical products. There is a plethora of materials extracted through forests that are traditionally known to provide cure to a number of diseases and conditions. Such items could be Turpentine, which is used in chemicals, pharmaceuticals as well as other products such as rubber, printing inks, furniture and insecticides/disinfectants.

Also, Resin which is a product extracted from pines is known to provide other materials such as turpentine itself and is traditionally used for medical purposes in its raw form. One of the simple and yet highly used substance acquired from forests is Beeswax. The uses of beeswax are a lot more than that perceived. Beeswax is primarily used for aromatic gel candles that are being used since centuries. Among the more global and traditional uses of beeswax include the sculptures of wax figures, and in a decorative cloth dying process called Batik, used in Southeast Asia.

Beeswax is used for wax seals for documents among its commerce and business purposes. Beeswax is not responsible for large scale processes but it is highly beneficial for industries and businesses that work on a small-scale. Beeswax and Turpentine mixed together form polishing enamel for household articles such as furniture. It is also used for waterproofing material. There is a high demand for candle made from beeswax as they burn much longer and have a sweet-smelling fragrance to it. Beeswax is a raw material that is used for many household items that are used on a large scale but are low in costs.

Beeswax is not used in any high-tech products and does not have any impact over the technological state of a country. However, in the United States the supply of beeswax is not enough to meet the demand of it and hence it need to import beeswax from other countries such as Mexico and China. When it comes to the economic aspects, the production of beeswax is a gives marketing opportunity to small scale businesses. Nevertheless, the candle industry as well as the beekeeping industry tends to be a widespread and large business.

One of the brighter aspects of beeswax is that it does not cause any potential harm to the trees and forests and in result tends to be more environmentally pleasant and does not cause any negative impacts over the society’s natural resources. Conclusion In the end it is important to understand that forests are important source of raw material that are used in all kinds of industries and are used to produce other primary goods that are finished into goods that are vital to the flourishing and constantly expanding economies. References Morse, R. A (1975). Bees and Beekeeping. Comstock Pub. Associates.

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