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Mind and Body

The mind is the center of reason, judgment, feelings or emotions, values and principles. I would describe it as the seat of all life and humanity because this is where consciousness and logic lies. For instance, in the mind resides man’s reason for his existence and contemplation on his desire to live. Accordingly, man uses the mind to think of ways on how to survive in this world, which is primarily based on man’s instincts. The question of whether the mind is detached from the body lies on how these two coexist.

The belief that the mind and the body is dependent on each other will be discussed in the following case. Simply put, the body carries out what the mind tells it to do. Basing this idea on man’s thoughts on survival, man needs food, shelter, clothing, and his other basic requirements to live. From this thought springs up actions or movements carried out by the body, such as looking for available jobs and consequently working to earn money for his needs.

In this case, the body is a tool that the mind uses to come up with an end that is desired by man. The mind thinks and the body acts. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the mind, where thinking processes exist occur within the brain and its parts. The brain is a physical unit that resides inside the body. However, the individualism that exists between the mind and the body is also proven by the following case. The mind is still functional without the body because there are instances where in the mind makes up for the limitations of the body.

There are certain limits to the movements of the body. It cannot move or act beyond its capabilities. On the other hand, the mind can think further than these limitations of the body, through the process of imagination. This idea proves that in some cases, the mind is independent of the body. These two conflicting ideas only prove that there is no definite answer to the question of whether the mind and the body are separate. At one point, both entities can be dependent of independent from each other.

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