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Missile Defense Agency

Throughout my career my main attraction to positions and agencies has been whether or not the position I am seeking can challenge me as a professional and as an individual. My desire to become a part of your team at the entry-level development program with the Missile Defense Agency began when I researched your website and learned about the basic fundamentals of your program and the range of opportunities open to a graduate at the entry-level.

My educational background in marketing and operation management, as well as my career experience as an entrepreneur and Programmer Analyst has prepared me with a strong foundation upon which to build my future, and I feel that participating in your development program will give me a strong link to the type of career I am seeking for my future. My strong background in marketing and management have created a strong foundation on which to build my future, and to begin pursuing my career within the government agency sector requires that I gain experience within an agency such as yours.

Most recently, I was successful in a start-up entrepreneurship in import/export industry, and my position there as a Marketing Director and Partner gave me insight into a great many aspects of business and the import/export industry. Before that, I was a Marketing Associate for Lynden Air Freight, and while there was able to direct a marketing campaign that was successful. While these positions are not related to the one at the Missile Defense Agency, I am confident that my skills and abilities, as well as my strong work ethic, would be an asset to the program.

Because the position I am seeking is a development program, I feel that I can learn to develop the skills needed to be successful at the Missile Defense Agency and within any government agency through the program itself. My ability to work well within a team and independently, as well as my strong research skills and business sense, make me an ideal candidate for a position like this one, where I can utilize my skills and abilities, while also expanding my experience within a well-respected and important agency.

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