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One of the gadgets that arguable receives the least attention but is almost used on a daily basis is the microphone. Usually, most people use them for singing, speaking in front of an audience, or recording something. For a handful of individuals, microphones are used for broadcasting and radio announcing. However, despite its daily usage, the type of microphone being used never receives the attention that other gadgets or devices receive. But the Sony C-38B Condenser Microphone can more or less change all that.

While the type or name of microphones being used apparently does not matter for most people, Sony’s condenser mic demands attention. The condenser mic, which was launched in 2004, is actually one of the “oldest” new microphones as its lineage dates back to 1965 (Rudolph, 2004). Back then, the mic was called C-38FET, which became the first Field Effect Transistor microphone in the world and was the successor to the widely used C-37A tube microphone.

Although there is an estimated 65,000 C-38 mics in use in a lot of studios today, it was still reintroduced in the fall of 2003 due to its high acclaim (Mix Magazine, 2004). The major addition to the C-38B is its phantom power or the 9-volt battery or external DC 24V to 48V (Mix Magazine, 2008). Meaning to say its powering is two-way and its battery life is more or less 250 hours (AllProElectronics. com, 2004) which is a significant amount of time for recording and other uses. Another notable aspect about the mic is its sleek yet beautiful design.

It is mainly composed of painted brass and is 23 ounces heavy. Most of all, the main feature of its design is its 1 1/3-inch, six micron-thick, and gold-inserted Mylar diaphragm which also has a brass black plane (Rudolph, 2004). In addition, one of its highlights include its steel mechanical shutter that can be operated through a small nook on the microphone’s back, which changes the polar pattern from unidirectional to omni-directional (AllProElectronics. com, 2004). This feature allows maximum over the mic’s pick up angle and allows versatility and adaptability in any recording situation.

Moreover, another outstanding feature of this microphone is its hidden compartment in the form of its front door that can be popped open. Although it can be slightly hard to open this compartment, this is where one can do a variety of things. This compartment is where the nine-volt (6F-22) is inserted, where the 8dB attenuator pad is selected, or where the -6dB/octave 7 kHz roll-off filter is engaged (Max Magazine, 2004). In addition, the mic’s wind noise of <= 44 dB SPL (G&G Technologies, 2008) makes it an ideal device for recording wind and percussion instruments.

Its 8dB switch pad also reduces the distortion noise and maximizes the gain. The Sony C-38B also has an inherent noise of 24 db SPL for unidirectional and 26 dB SPL for omni-directional. Other specifications include its effective output level of 1 kHz and its dynamic range of 116 dB or more. Lastly, it also has a low cut M, M1, V1, and V2, and a high cut 1 (G&G Technologies, 2008). However, despite the seemingly do-it-all features of the Sony C-38B, it also has several flaws. Mounting the mic can be slightly inconvenient due to the long attached cable and stain relief.

Although its owners can simply tie this mic to six inches, it can still prove to be very tedious. Nevertheless, the Sony C-38B is an excellent all-around microphone overall. Whether it’s studio music recording, broadcasting, or any other situation that needs a high-performance and highly flexible microphone, Sony’s mic is the arguably the best device to use. It’s also the ideal mic to use in instrument recording such as drums, acoustic guitar, bongos, and even vocals. References AllProElectronics. (2004).

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