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Music and Society

The concept of authentic, like true, genuine, and real, is what some authority described as a dimension word, or an expression whose meaning remains vague until the referent characteristic being talked about is identified. In music, artistic value is realized only when the masterpiece conveys the authentic values of its composer, especially when the aforesaid values are shared by the immediate community of the composer.

Although not inviolable, this concept of authenticity can be justified by the general principle which declares that dedication to authenticity is essential to the endeavor that takes the composer’s delivery of the music as its aspiration. Opinions over the presentation and use of art are nowhere more well-known than in music performances.

The most excellent attitude towards authenticity in music performance is not only the offering of careful attention towards the significant limitations and conventions of a composer’s maturity, but also the endeavor to establish the bigger creative potential of the musical work, including inherent value that surpass the understanding that the composer’s maturity might have consequential effect on the work (Dutton, 2003).

Understanding music extensively is therefore in principle not different from a conventionally knowledgeable understanding of other arts, such as painting or literature. Nevertheless, although there is an original in every painting, which is a genuine article that can be recognized as the authentic one, yet musical performance does not necessitate an original ideal of performance (Dutton, 2003). Essentially, every original musical work is indicated by a score, which are interpreted aurally by performers for the satisfaction of audiences.

The idea of a performance art allows performers a degree of freedom to interpret, which is consistent with conventions that preside over what counts as appropriately following the score. In view of the fact that a score undermines the precise sound of any particular interpretation, accurate musical performances may therefore differ noticeably. Reference Dutton, D. (2003). Authenticity in Art. New York: Oxford University Press.

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