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Music composition

The rapid development in the electronic world has given birth to a multidimensional music industry that is now all set to revolutionize the entertainment industry as a whole, which in fact spells a doom for the conventional music and entertainment industry across the globe, from where millions of people earn their livelihood. Furthermore, the speed of development in the electronic world indicates that even the transitional phase between the conventional entertainment industry and new entertainment industry would be very short for the professionals of the old schools to adapt with the demand and culture of upcoming industry.

I. 2. Overview of the Study Music composition has come a long way since when it was the only mode of entertainment performed by a group of people or an individual, who would provide either a group or a solo performance with instruments and voice. There is a colossal heritage behind the invention of rhythmic presentation of sound that dates back to the earlier period of civilization besides numerous references from mythology.

Like the civilization itself, music also has gradually evolved with time, ramifying it into many branches, disciplines and forms, adding a plethora of musical instruments to its treasure. Music has always been a part and parcel of most of the forms of entertainments like circus, drama, ballet, or cinema and it has now easily slipped into the shoes of modern day items like cinema, TV shows, musical programmes, digital games or even digital books.

It is from the demand to cater to the general or special types of entertainments, organized groups of musicians and conductors evolved out to give birth to orchestra teams in the western countries. The easterners too never lagged behind with their reservoir of classical and traditional music, which they would consider as the part of their rituals and signs of devotion. After the advent of the cinema, the music took a new turn in its embedded form with cinema, where it proved its utility in providing the background scores as well to lend the desired effect to the scenes.

This invariably bred a new generation of people who would create/score the entire music for a film besides being responsible to decide on the artists’ voices or the thematic diction of the music to be used. Incidentally, right from the period of motion picture, music has been the major attraction of any movie, – a place that it still holds dearly. While the movies brought in the star value of the vocal artists or the musicians and composers, the actors or the movie itself garnered vast mileage from the music. This way each of them contributed to the growth of the other.

It is the demand of cinema and its integral parts that influenced the science and technology to focus more on its development, which has resulted in rapid development in all sectors of movie making. While the motion picture rose from silent to talkie and then to Eastman colour and then to digital exposition, music industry also came of age from big record to small record to cassette to CD to laserdiscs or cartridges – but that was just one facet of the evolution; the industry took a large leap when the digital invention made forays into music creation.

Thus it is easily understandable that with the inception of the motion picture, music industry also gained ground and since 1929, the symbiosis of the duo has been attributing to each other’s stature – for so long it helped to grow them in height, but off late, with the advent of digital media, a new chemistry among film, music and society is showing up – which seems to be ready to provide some big twists in the scripts of not only cinema or music, but also in the locomotion of civilization itself – it might further glorify the entertainment industry as a whole, or it might prove to be a leveller of it!

Amid this unique phase of transition, this study explores the pros and cons of the conventional music and its digital avatar and identifies the possible impact of the later on the entertainment industry and on society as a whole.

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