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My Christmas Holiday

I started writing during my years at school as it was at school that expression of one’s thoughts and feelings are encouraged. Initially, during my childhood years, we were required to write about our own experiences such as holidays, birthdays and other such events in one’s life. I remember writing essays such as My Christmas Holiday, My Summer Vacation and other such essays during my younger years. As I progressed to the middle school and college years, my writing expanded to research and investigation that aims to increase my knowledge and enhance my writing techniques and skills.

The last study that I did was a requirement for one of my subjects wherein we had to write about the events during and after the Civil War in order to gain an understanding of the course of events during that specific period in the history of the United States. As the Civil war is a broad topic to write on, planning for this paper included consulting with my professor on the direction and focus I want to take in writing the research paper.

I also did an initial search of several literatures on the research paper I was doing to have a broad understanding of the subject and browsing through several aspects of the Civil war so that I could eventually focus on one specific aspect of the event. We were required to submit the paper in three increments with the first two being drafts and the third paper as the final copy of our study. During the writing process, our professor often held a lecture in class regarding the research composition and writing.

He also held consultations with us individually in order to mete out tips and suggestions on how to make the study better in such a way that it exhibits clarity, focus and organization. After the submission of our first draft, he told the class to choose a partner and read each other’s works. We were then to provide a commentary of how we perceive the other’s works and include the strengths and the weaknesses of the paper and recommendations to the writer to make it better. I enjoyed this part as I was able to get an initial impression of the quality of my paper.

Also, having another person read my study and provide a commentary is one unbiased way of gaining insight on what else I should focus on in my writing and allowed to realize certain things that were lacking in my paper that I would not have realized on my own. After this activity, we were asked to write a second draft and this was critiqued by the professor himself. After reading our works, he held one-on-one meetings which were significant as it provided very valuable insight as to what I should focus on and expound on more.

He explained the paper’s strengths, the weaknesses of the paper and what areas I should focus on more and I what aspects I need to enhance. This commentary was essential as it was a professional commentary on what else I need to improve on in my study. In writing the final research paper, I had to focus on writing in a clear and organized manner. I also had to take out certain passages that are not really that important in developing the topic that I chose.

I had to search for additional literature so that I could focus on just that one aspect of the civil war and deliver a comprehensive paper on the subject matter. I also needed to choose and edit the resources I utilized in writing the paper, making sure that these are reliable sources. Another thing that I changed is the conclusion as according to the professor, the conclusion should include a brief summary and restatement and should be characterized by a conviction on one’s position and must thereby end with a strong statement.

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