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My Family Story – Monologue

A high school kid sits on an old chair inside a dim-lit garage. There is an old model car, which looks like it will take a few more years to restore to its best condition. Thanks for coming. I just.. I just really needed someone to talk to, you know? There is nothing in particular really… there are just some things in my mind, like what’s after graduation, what’s out there, what’s it like. You know when you were a kid? There is really nothing to look forward to, really look forward to, like a life changing moment. When I was a kid there was just birthdays and the holidays, not like now.

How can life change so fast? One moment you are just six running in the park and your greatest happiness is an ice cream, and now your limbs have grown and you don’t know what happiness is. I can’t really talk about this with my parents, I tried… I did. I mean, I asked my father, about life, that sort of thing. You know what he told me? Some old story that took place a hundred years ago. He said my grandfather used camels to travel. He was traveling from Saudi Arabia to Jordan and he had to ride a camel for four weeks, but then the camel died before he reached Jordan and he was stuck in the middle of the desert.

He could not turn back, so he just decided to walk to Jordan. They did not have shoes then. At night he slept on a rock, tired, hungry, and thirsty. He met some Bedouins who helped him, and gave him a camel. He was still traveling when he came across a settlement and he stopped by to ask for food, and they gave him milk and some lamb, and that’s where he met my grandmother. Then they went together to Jordan, and everyone thought he died but he came back to Saudi Arabia after two years. (a beat)

He rode on a camel, can you believe it? A camel, not on horsepower! He went out there, and it worked out for him, even without all these technology, and education.. he turned out okay, and now I’m here… (beat) that’s a hundred years ago, and I’ve just had sixteen, and I’m just wondering, where did the time go? I’d really appreciate it if you can tell me. You can email me, send me a voicemail or something at facebook, maybe just twit me if you can. I better go, it’s late and I still have to check my mail. THE END

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