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My Goals and Objectives

My most ardent aspiration in life is to be a Certified Public Accountant. My admiration for CPAs dates back during an encounter with an Accountant. An advocate of the truth and simple, unassuming life without pretensions, he is known to be a principled man. Whatever he says, the community believes for he always proves himself to be truthful in all his dealings. My philosophy of becoming a CPA is congruent to my personal aspiration for a simple yet highly respected profession – one that strongly advocates the principle of fairness and justice called the balanced scorecard.

(Kaplan & Norton, 2004) The tactical level To become a CPA, I need to take the course, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) in a good school offering the degree and with a respectable record of graduates passing the CPA licensure examinations. The school must showcase an alumni that is highly employable, skilled and endowed with values that manifests professionalism, integrity, strong ethical behavior and good governance as part of its BSA curriculum. I believe working as an accountant is more of a vocation than an occupation.

The operational level To graduate as a BS Accountancy student, there is a need for me to sharpen and hone my knowledge and comprehension about business and the various economic and financial factors that affect all types of endeavors. This requires developing good analytical, systematic (Clark,2002) and numeracy skills to be able to easily crunch numbers, ideas and decisions, logic and problem solving and communicate their meanings to those who need them – the government, investors, creditors, employees etc.

Hence, there is a need for me to develop a good understanding of the business management environment for me to pass and excel in all the subjects I am tasked to enroll in the curriculum. Reference list Clark, R (2002). Global awareness, Thinking systematically about the world, Lanham. MD. , Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Kaplan, R. & Norton, D. (2004). Strategy maps, converting intangible assets into tangible outcomes, Boston, Harvard School Publishing.

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