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My Image of Japan

As I picture Japan in mind, I see a dynamic country with much potential for economic advancement. Japan is a wonderful place to visit as a tourist and may also be a nice place to experience a new culture, to obtain job experience and make new friends. The Japanese societies comprise of career-oriented citizens, from all walks of life, who emphasize importance of productivity and excellence in their endeavors. Everyone is busy doing their own thing and making the most of their time to get things done. Sense of competition may be evident at times.

All around the bustling city, one may observe automobiles in traffic and bus stations or train stations with passengers who come and go. Nevertheless, Japanese people are very friendly, cheerful and very hospitable. Japanese people love to unwind and enjoy the night life after a stressful day. Making friends would not be a tough undertaking. Yet day-to-day conversation may be difficult especially if one is not familiar with the Japanese language, so one should take some time to learn to speak Japanese.

In general, Japan is at the forefront of the state-of-the art technology and quest of modernization. Establishments in Japan would promote advanced technological breakthroughs; but prices may be quite steep. Gadgets exist for just about any purpose or utility. However, some areas in Japan, still focus on preservation of culture. These places portray Japan’s history and the Japanese culture; featuring Japanese antiquities and Japanese traditional ways of life including cooking. Anyone would surely enjoy unique Japanese dishes which are carefully prepared to perfection.

Japanese foods are rich in flavor and packed with nutrients; however, it may take awhile for some people to get used to these dishes. Common dishes include raw seafood dishes and variety of noodles. Overall environment profile in Japan remains wholesome with everything kept clean and orderly. Trees, shrubs and flowering plants are found everywhere; and parks are common. People in Japan are conservationists. They do not exploit the environment and resources therein; thus, when in Japan, everyone should learn to respect the environment and support the cause for preservation.

Just like any other country, there is always a downside. In my opinion, in Japan, crime rates have not been fully-controlled. In this case, one should be very cautious when walking the streets at night or in any other circumstances that may put oneself at risk to robbers and the like. Exercising precaution is always wise; but, of course, pessimism is not healthy at all. As a whole, Japan is a wonderful country with pleasant surroundings, pleasant weather conditions and cheerful communities. Being able to visit Japan may offer a unique, interesting and unforgettable cultural experience and social adventure.

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