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My Reasons for Transferring

I have based my decision to make a move from the Ohio State University (OSU) to the University of San Diego (USD) on two important reasons, namely: personal advancement and business growth. First, I believe that I have a better chance at attaining adequate personal development at USD for the basic reason that it is a Roman Catholic institution. Being a Roman Catholic, to be able to live and move among people of my faith would be a very enlightening experience.

This is because I would not only be able to practice my religion but would also be interacting with students and faculty members who adhere to the same standards of morality as I do. I believe that being amongst people who share my core values; hunger for exactly the same spiritual needs as I do; and possess an identical outlook in life is the best single recipe for a happy and fulfilling existence.

I am likewise very certain that I would be able to acquire a complete peace of mind at USD not only due to its very beautiful and rather idyllic campus but also because of the presence of family members who are living near the university – relatives to whom I could always turn to for support during times of need. I have realized lately that living and studying in Ohio, alone and far from my family, has proven rather depressing. Because of this condition, my tasks – both personal and businesswise – appeared very difficult to accomplish.

This is the first reason which compelled me to decide to move to San Diego. Once equipped with a complete peace of mind, I am absolutely certain that I would find studying at USD a comparatively easier assignment than at OSU, thereby making adequate personal development a very attainable objective. My second reason for transferring to USD is business growth. I have decided to major in business finance because I would like to be a very successful businessman someday. Business success has been a childhood dream which I have already started working on.

I ventured into the world of business by starting my own company, BETA PONG LIMITED. Originally based in Worthington, Ohio, my enterprise engages in the manufacture, printing, and sale of shirts and balls to beer pong players and enthusiasts. As part of my expansion plan, I later welcomed the entry of two partners (friends from high school) into the business which I started. Nowadays, however, the state of California has turned out to be the best market for our products. Because of this development, California is now our primary target market.

Hence, my second reason for relocating to San Diego is to be able to serve the California market more easily and make our business more profitable. Moving our base of operation from Ohio to California has therefore become a business necessity for me and my partners. It also follows that since I have to live in California, it would also be more practical for me to continue my college studies in the same state. Hence, my second reason for desiring to transfer to the University of San Diego which I consider to be one of the best educational institutions in the area.

I am fully aware that in order to be a successful businessman, I should not only focus in managing and operating our current business. I consider it equally important for me to arm myself with all the necessary theoretical tools in the field of business. Towards this end, the best way for me would be to acquire a bachelor’s degree in business from an exceptional institution like the University of San Diego. It is my fervent hope, therefore, that the University of San Diego finds my reasons for applying for a transfer acceptable enough to rule in my favor.

Nothing would be more gloriously satisfying for me now than to be accepted at USD. A slot would not only allow me to pursue my college education in a very good Catholic institution – it would also give me the opportunity of exploiting a very promising market for our business while in the process of acquiring my bachelor’s degree in business. Most importantly, however, by deciding to accept me, the USD decision-makers would be providing me with a very good opportunity of obtaining a much-needed peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment.

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