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National security

Many experts agree that patriotic act 2 exposes our beloved country to terrorism than ever. FBI agent Coleen Rowley, in his letter to Director Robert Mueller noted that more than one thousand detainees of the 9-11 attack were found to be non-terrorist. A senior intelligence specialist in the late 2001 acknowledged that application of racial profiling and other methods of investigation that affected civil liberties could negatively impact on security.

Many former high-ranking officials mostly from Bush and Reagan side opposed the anti-terrorism proposal on grounds that it undermined civil liberties (http://www. aclu. org/NationalSecurity/NationalSecurityMain. cfm). Absence of judicial oversight had resulted to known abuses of power, among them is political surveillance done by Nixon White House and the secrete tapping conducted on Martin Luther King. Incase of situation requiring justice in which a treaty is involved, the courts have no power to examine extradition request to find out if the legal system in that foreign country exercises fairness.

The US patriotic act undermines press freedom thereby denying the public access to important information which they are entitled to. Suspects and defendants rights could be violated since the draft bill gives government authority which could be unnecessarily applied on ordinary people (http://www. aclu. org/PolicePractices/PolicePracticeslist. cfm? c=118http://www. aclu. org/PolicePractices/PolicePracticeslist. cfm? c=118). All individuals or groups that breach the law with the intention of affecting the government could be branded as terrorist.

The patriotic act imposes strict restrictions to organization access to record laws which they use to protect the community against health hazards like chemical. The patriotic act allows for surveillance and infiltration of religious and non-religious groups that take controversial political stands irrespective of there relations to terrorism. Patriotic act allows for deportation of immigrants based on suspicion and those who have committed minor offences lately thereby denying them certain immigration rights (http://www. aclu. org/safefree/resources/17343res20031114.html).

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