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New restaurants status

When one sees a happily married couple, a mother who is taking care of her child, it may look very glamorous on the outside. But when you have to do it yourself, you realize the pains and troubles of the same. If we elaborate on the metaphor – while it is wonderful to have a child, the experience of changing dirty diapers and cleaning up all the dirt along with the job can get very traumatic. It is just the same with running a restaurant. No matter how many hands are there to help you and how amazing a staff you have, there will be plenty of tough, unspectacular and sometimes monotonous work one will have to do.

A great person once said, “One explores more about business by creating and managing a restaurant than by just completing an MBA and running multimillion dollar businesses. That’s not to say that the MBA won’t help one get an SME loan and teach a few things, but to be a restaurateur is to be a true Renaissance person. ” NY TIME SQUARE – Fast casual-dining restaurants NY TIME SQUARE is a fast casual restaurant is similar to a fast-food restaurant in that it does not offer full table service, but promises a somewhat higher quality of food and atmosphere.

Standard prices charged are higher than fast-food prices and we also offer non-disposable plates and cutlery sometimes offered. This category is a growing concept that fills the space between fast food and casual dining. These restaurants tend to be franchised or otherwise part of a larger chain, but are not necessarily so. American Service NY Time Square provides the American service. It is a pre-plated service which means that the food is served into the visitor’s plate in the kitchen itself and brought to the guest.

The portion is prearranged by the kitchen and the accompaniments served with the dish balance the entire presentation in terms of nutrition and color. This type of service is commonly used in a coffee shop where service is required to be quick. Location NY Times Squares stands a better chance of survival as it is situated to where the people are, instead of waiting for the people to come to it. Not Franchising If one decides to the ‘Franchise Route’ many of the operating decisions will be made for one, including: the restaurant’s name, menu, design, operating systems and suppliers.

NY Times Square is a standalone restaurant, it’s not a franchise. Hence, it’s one of a kind and unique among others. Space We allocate the available space. In addition to dining and kitchen area, extra space is used for dishwashing, storage, bathrooms and administrative work. Layout We have planned the layout for the dining area. We have a balanced number of seats that lies between the desire to have the maximum seats and also doesn’t lead to seats being crammed to the corners. Also, we avoid locating tables in the middle of the room for more comfort. Safety

We keep the kitchen layout focused on resourceful, safe food preparation. We ensure that there is ample light and ventilation, as well as enough space so that cooks, servers and dishwashers have a smooth work flow without any bottlenecks. Look The graphics are not neglected by NY Time Square. Be it the exterior signage or the look of the menus, graphic design plays an important part in a restaurant’s overall look. Inventory We have selected a nucleus of trusted employees to supervise storage areas carefully. Stress that they must check in all deliveries and audit the food inventory frequently.

Lighting We pay attention to designing of the lighting. We focus some light onto the tables to bring to light the food, and harmonize it with shimmering atmospheric light to make the customers feel good. Staff We select and train our staff. We emphasize on enthusiasm as well as experience. We allow plentiful training time for each employee. We remember that the person at the front end is as important as the person at the back end who is running the kitchen, and grand service is as important a factor in captivating customer loyalty as great food.

Organize Operations Position service stations so that they are easily accessible to staff to increase efficiency. We place service stations centrally and provide sufficient space between tables that helps to make the operations and service run much more smoothly. Other factors Our equipment needs; Our type of table top items, such as flatware, plate ware, napkins and linens; Storage, cooler and freezer size; Employee Uniforms; What type of signs and type of advertising needed. NY Time Square have avoided these mistakes: Opening a restaurant is a tedious task.

It may seem enchanting and pleasurable, but it all boils down to hard work. If you speak to anyone in this industry, they will tell you about the long hours that they have put into the work. It is absolutely necessary to understand all the various jobs that are involved in running a restaurant. These are some of the mistakes that we have avoided. Not Watching Cash Flow We make sure that we have enough cash to cover big expenses, like food orders and payroll, every week, along with all the other bills that come with a restaurant. Keeping Payroll Too High

The owners (who don’t work there often- and are never in the front of the house) have several servers, three or four cooks in the kitchen, and a bartender- all sitting around. They could easily cut a third of the staff and still give good customer service. Another common crisis with a high payroll is paying any one employee more than they are worth. Everyone has their price, and countless unsuspecting restaurant owners pay chefs or general managers way too much money, because they think they have to. Location is of the greatest factors of salary in this industry.

Not Advertising As more and more chain restaurants open across the country, advertising and marketing are both key in establishing a new restaurants status Not Understanding Food Cost Knowing how to properly price your restaurant menu is the first step toward making a profit. Most people know that seafood is more expensive than chicken and beef is more expensive than pork, but beyond that, what do you charge for pasta dishes? Salads? Desserts? The golden rule of 30% food cost will help you keep menu items in line. High Overhead

Usually when someone starts a restaurant, a local restaurant supplier is provided to provide them with all their needs. This is a fault. Shopping around for bulk food, restaurant equipment, and other needed items can save sometimes up to 50%. This really can make a difference in your bottom line. Also, with so many restaurants not prospering, you may want to check out purchasing used cooking equipment that can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of a brand new item. Employee Theft The second pitfall which no restaurant owner wants to deal with is employee theft.

Employee theft can be an employee taking cash out of the register and something more subtle like giving away free food/drinks or smuggling steaks home for personal use. Sadly, employees that get away with theft are more likely to do it over and over again, so firing or having an employee arrested for such an infraction is the only appropriate action. Catching employees in the act is the hard part. Installing a video surveillance system is a great way to catch this behavior and you may even catch a break on your insurance premium. Also, make sure that your employees bring no backpacks or large bags to work.

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