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There are many roles which the people, or more specifically the guidance counselor, could take in changing and influencing the lives of people. First, in relation to the article entitled “A question of resilience” by Emily Bazelon, the welfare of the children can be uplifted during times of crisis through constant support from people whom they feel they can trust during this critical times (Howe, 2006). It is not only with the child with which this role of people in the lives of others is considered important but applies to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in life events.

Second, guidance and support exhibited on other people increases their resilience towards past difficult events and makes them stronger as compared to other people who have lower levels of resilience. Likewise, even if a person has a low level of resilience, it is likely that they would be able to cope better if they have people who can influence them and thus, becomes their constant source of strength.

With regard to the nature/nurture subject matter, both of these play a very important role in the life of people, more specifically with regard to the characteristic of resiliency. Researchers found out that people who possess a certain allele have a greater chance of recovering from traumatic experiences in their life, which shows the role that nature plays (Bazelon, 2006). On the other hand, for those who do not possess such positive alleles, then the peers and support groups or the nurture component contributes to the well-being of the individual (Bazelon, 2006).

There are different roles that people can play to direct the lives of people during critical times and these should not be neglected for these roles would determine whether the person would make it through or not especially when they are not blessed with the positive allele that helps people cope with stressful events.

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