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Nine Dragons

The fact that Nine Dragons Paper ran on products that were being thrown away by many companies in America gave way to the convenient acquisition and use of resource. Since Nine Dragons Paper manufactures containerboard products, many other companies needed their products and thus, these were kept them at a constant demand. It was a relatively easy cycle the company had entered in and one where there were a lesser number of competitors. Cheung Yan’s industriousness and resiliency also made the company soar past its limitations.

2. What do you think are the most important causes of the recent problems faced by Nine Dragons Paper? The Nine Dragons Paper rapid growth made it harder to control as it rolled with the times. Its expansion was so fast that it made it vulnerable to certain political issues such as that of the case of the state of its workers. The increasing amount of debt it failed to return also deterred the company. 3. How would you evaluate Cheung Yan as a leader of this company? What are her strengths and weaknesses?

Do you think that some aspects of her management style are typically Chinese, or do you think her approach to management is no different from that in the US? If you see differences, do you think these are due to cultural differences or to differences in the political and economic environment of China? Cheung Yan was an impressive woman who served as the great leader for the Nine Dragons Paper company. It started from scratch and Cheung Yan made it expand so much that it had trouble keeping its balance.

Although there had been many problems, a good leader should be able to survive it and Cheung Yan did. Her success may come as being a fairly traditional Chinese and partly because of her being a woman. However, much of it can be given for her effort. What she may be missing is a few tips on politics and subtlety, but for the most part she carries her company with great ability. The economic environment of China probably helped her succeed because the company rose with the country’s economy, but sourcing from America really did the trick for the company.

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