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Of Nature and Love

What more can a writer celebrate other than two of the most prominent themes that most people enjoy – nature and love. The following poems selected in this paper relate these themes and shows how love, either for fellow persons or for other things, can be expressed using different elements of nature. The accompanying song, moreover, explains how these poems are relevant, even to the contemporary world. Sonnet XVIII and the song “Wildflower,” by Skylark Both revere the good qualities that a woman has. They both reflect how a woman is an embodiment of grace and beauty.

As the Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII compares a woman to the summer season, Skylark’s song expresses the attributes of a woman using a wildflower. Meeting at Night and the song “Bubbly,” by Colbie Caillat As the poem compares the love between to persons to several elements in nature, the song “Bubbly,” also expresses the same. Caillat explains the feeling of loving and being loved, and by using the melody of the song, he successfully captures the elegance of love. Such elegance is also reflected by Robert Browning in the poem. Parting at Morning and the song “Sexy Lady,” by Mc Magic

Both the song and the poem revere the physical body of a woman and appreciate its contour and shape. The poem did this by comparing the body of a woman to nature while the song states this same theme straightforwardly. The Eagle and the song “I’m Like A Bird,” by Nellie Furtado As the poem uses the symbol of an Eagle to show strength and and agility of a person, the song by Nellie Furtado compares the carefree nature of a bird to the free nature of each individual. Thus, both songs uses birds as symbols to reflect good qualities of human.

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