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Old Testament

In the article, Rabbi Ponn discusses the background of Judaism and provides an overview of topics related to death in Judaism and their origins. These topics include the following: life after death, judgment, heaven and hell, resurrection, salvation, and the specific death rituals. He bases his information on sacred Jewish literature, e. g. , Torah and the Old Testament. Life after death is a belief in Judaism that came about gradually, through post biblical writings such as the Talamud.

This idea of immortality is now reflected in the well-developed death and funeral rituals of Judaism. He explains the adaptability of these rituals. One specific ritual he describes is the autopsy. Traditionally not allowed in Judaism, the autopsy is sometimes performed today. This reflects the value of medical research in the Jewish community taking precedence over strict tradition. Since time on earth is limited, followers of Judaism are expected to use their life to make the world a better place (through prayer, study, and charity).

Through these deeds, followers will gain access to heaven. Rabbi Ponn explains ideas that have become associated with Judaism, but have ultimately been rejected. These ideas include hell, Satan, original sin and evil spirits. The path to Salvation in Judaism is found in the scriptures and the Talmud. Salvation comes through a reunion with God in heaven. The article is a very clear and well- researched overview of death and the afterlife in Judaism.

It is written by a valid source, and presented so even those not familiar with Judaism can understand the content. Ponn refers to many scared Jewish texts and specific quotes to support his ideas about the topics. The ideas in Judaism of practicing good deeds and developing all parts of oneself have value for everyone. This idea of versatility of activities is a very smart notion. If one’s occupation is mechanical then one should also pursue scholarly activities. By doing this, one can become a more well-rounded and well-developed individual.

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