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On Education and Non-Violence

Education is more than theoretical constructs and philosophy. Education is not bound within the four walls of a classroom or the citadels of a university. Education is a process of learning and it can happen anywhere. Often, humans learn best through experiences and direct application. Take for example the case of non-violence. Its principles can be taught and acquired in the classroom but one has to embody and practice it to experience its full meaning. Experiential and existential learning are two processes that reinforce education.

If one would look at the roster of advocates of active non-violence, one would observe that those involved are very learned and influential men. They are wonderful examples of what they preached. They are firm, bold, courageous, and very self-sacrificing. The article is meaningful as it cited humans who lived what they believed and willingly subjected themselves to humiliation, pain, and abject rejection just to prove their point. They lived what they learned and carried the sweet and bitter consequences to their graves. However, they made history and changed the lives of thousands of people in their respective countries.

As we can see, change is manifested when true learning occurs in the individual. This change becomes a catalyst. It could be a personal change. Gaining knowledge is very good but without direct action or application, knowledge is aborted. Education is meaningless unless practiced and put to practical use. Like non-violence, learning is an active word requiring a series of action. It is not a one-time event but a lifelong commitment. It is not a privilege. It is a choice; a decision one makes for himself and for his future. Learning does not stop. It only continues and becomes incremental as time goes by.

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