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Organization or to a project

Each one of us uses different approaches when dealing with uncertainties. For the most part, I try as much as possible to make sure that I give my best in everything I do. There were times when my goals in life were tried, but it was up to me on how I would be able to improve myself further and rising from such mistakes. I believe that working hard would help me achieve my dreams and help me become successful in my chosen field. For such, I was able to adapt to change and improve myself, by finding solutions to problems. I work for a runway fashion house in the West Coast.

In this field, I was taught the different technicalities of fashion and of designing. It was difficult at first, but with hard work and dedication, I was able to prove myself to my bosses. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to design and sketch my own work. I was able to do so within 4 hours. My designs were shown to the owner of Wal-mart, and they instantly agreed to buy my design. This was a big deal for me, for I was beginning to become one step closer to achieving my dreams. I thought that my hard work and dedication in this field were over after my designs were bought.

I was wrong. I was eventually transferred to another division, where I was tasked of analyzing trends. I did my own research and was rewarded accordingly as my supervisor noticed my work. To top it all, my trend analyses were displayed in the market even after I left the division. This was probably one of the best experiences I had in my life. In the short time that I was assigned in this division, I was able to prove myself worthy of such position, and now, am being looked up to by people from different walks of life.

Although I am still struggling to become successful in my chosen field, being noticed has come to my advantage. I became more confident about my craft, and my passion for this profession heightened. I am no longer hesitant in reaching out and expanding my horizons, for it became my belief that I could handle anything that could come my way. With the experiences I had for the past year/months, I was able to hone myself further and become equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques needed in order to improve the quality of work I provide. With much determination and hard work, anything is possible.

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