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Our Emotions

In the article “Our Emotions: Why We Feel the Way We Do” Julie Marquis discusses the importance of brain scanning and pharmacology in tracing human feelings and emotions. The material presented in the reading is very important to working environment because human failure or success is often attributed to abilities to restrain and direct emotions. Work environment is directly related to feelings and emotions meaning that they affect human-human interactions, negotiations, management, etc. The article discusses why we differ from one another and what the reasons of such difference are.

It is our feelings and emotions that make us different from one another; feelings and emotions guide people through their professional career and the author increases public awareness of the issue. Feelings are woven through experience of every human, and, thus, working environment can be hardly imagined without them. Earlier emotions were viewed as enemies to pure reasoning, whereas today the role of emotions and feelings is crucial, as due to them one may be at the top of the ladder today and the next day at the bottom of it.

I think the author presents revolutionary concept because human body should not be separated from human soul and mind. Reasoning and emotions are close mental companions in working process. Many researchers agree that emotions are the core of our life and they underline every motivation and stimulus. Feelings are conscious or unconscious, positive or negative, expressed or unexpressed. The same is with working environment that fully depends on changeable nature of human emotions.

Despite many claim that there is no place for explicit emotions in the work place, it is hardly possible to find neutrally emotional working environment. All human actions are driven primary by emotions and feelings and, thus, relating working environment to emotions is the bet for success. Summing up, knowledge management article contributes working environment field offering new ideas of its improvement.


Marquis, Julie. (1996). Our Emotions: Why We Feel the Way We Do. Los Angeles Times, October 14, p. 1.

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