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Palestinian militants

The geographical map of Gaza Strip and Israel appears on the article found in the online portal of the Daily Mail. It shows an aerial photography via Google satellite of exact locations of places, particularly cities in Israel. The article discussed how aerial photographs obtained from the Internet, particularly from Google Earth, were being used by Palestinian militants (Aqsa Martyrs Brigade of the Fatah Political Party) to plan out attacks against the military groups of Israel.

The map was designed by Google Earth in order to educate online users due to the need to acquaint ourselves in geography. However, apparently, the map is being used for destructive purposes. The article by the Daily Mail tried to inform the general public about the dangers of online mapping systems by expressing how the Palestinian military was wrongfully using Google Earth. It reveals that although maps were intended to become sources of knowledge and information, there are some instances wherein they may be used for the wrong reasons; in this case, to fuel war.

I chose this map because it is partly related to current events and issues, such as terrorism and the current war between Israel and Palestine over Gaza Strip. It was just alarming and interesting to learn how geographical maps, such as real-time aerial photographs of places may be used to perform war and terrorism. I believe this is an unexplored issue in basic geography, making it a remarkable learning experience for me.

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