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Parents’ Right To Discipline Their Children Without Fear

If parents don’t physically discipline their children, for many children, law enforcement authorities will end up having to physically discipline them anyway and often by force in his or her latter years due to the child’s lack of control and discipline in his or her formative years. Either way, physical force will be used at some point. Therefore, parents who are responsible for their own children in the first place, should be the one’s to employ the discipline in their child’s life to prevent future problems in his or her life. Dr. Nancy Eisenberg,

Cautions parents that warmth and nurturing is not enough to foster the development of childhood empathy and believes youngsters need “a firm parental hand in setting limits and guidelines. ” Dr. Eisenberg has found that parents who are loving but permissive, and do not set clear limits on their children’s behavior towards others, have children who tend to be more selfish and less inclined to help others than are youngsters whose parents provide more discipline (Cohn, 2000). Research studies have continually revealed that although love is the crucial basis upon which a child’s moral and civilized character is built, love is still not enough.

Parental discipline is also tremendously vital to helping a child to build moral and civilized character (Cohn, 2000). THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH OUT OF CONTROL DISRESPECFUL CHILDREN The world today is swarming with screaming out of control, disrespectful children. These children need to be physically disciplined when a verbal warning by their parents is not adhered to and loving caring parents must take on their responsibility to physically discipline these children as well when it is needed and not be afraid to do so. When there is no encouragement to perform well, children will inevitably begin to slack up and behave badly.

The main thing for parents to remember is that love and permissiveness is not the answer to rearing civilized moral children. Discipline is also needed to encourage good and positive behavior. Therefore, parents should have the right to discipline their children within reason (spanking with hand, scolding or physically removing them from a place or situation) without fear of having them removed from the home.


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