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Past and Present

There have been lots of culture differences comparing the foragers and pastoralists. This can be seen through their way of living such as in searching for food. The traditional foods of the Native Americans are basically obtained from the place they are living such as the Netsilic people who get their food from their place which is the sea lion. The traditional food of the Africans is basically obtained from their forest such as nuts, berries, and roots. They also seek tubers for the source of their water.

Another part of their traditional food is the meat they obtain every time they go hunting. On the contrary, the traditional food of the Asians and lowlanders are elaborated such as cow, cattle milk, and ox. These different traditional foods by the said different cultures is obtained through their dependence on nature and its resources until people learned the way of pastoral living into which they have learned to plant crops and pasture animals in order for them to survive.

American foragers eat foods which are obtained through hunting while American pastoralist obtain their food by producing food products from fishing, breeding or pasturing animals, and planting root crops. Native Africans depends on the fruits and crops they could obtain from the place where they live in. they pick different fruits which could provide them enough nutrients they need and hunt animals which they could kill and eat. On the other hand, the African pastoralists obtain their food from doing work.

Labor is important for them and so they pasture cattle which is said to be their primary source of food. These people were given opportunities to change some of their traditional ways of living but then they did not accept it because their traditional way has an important religious significance to them. Their way of living is compacted with beliefs and values, therefore they chose to live being on the way they currently do so as to eating some parts of the animals which they believe is a sacred practice to do.

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