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Personal Statement for University of Washington Bothell

Although I did not meet the school’s English requirement, I believe that I am still more than qualified to be admitted to the University of Washington Bothell as I possess the necessary skills, the needed knowledge, and the right attitude that would allow me to succeed in my chosen career. Basically, there are a lot of aspects about me which I believe more than make up for my shortcomings. In school, I have constantly maintained my status in the Dean’s list as I have always placed my studies as my highest priority.

In this regard, I believe I am more than capable enough to understand and apply the lessons that I would be learning if I am admitted to the university. Moreover, I believe that the University of Washington Bothell is one of the top universities in the country and is known for producing high-caliber graduates. Given the school’s well-established reputation, I believe that it would help me achieve my goal which is to become a successful businesswoman someday.

I also believe that school would give me a great advantage over others as it has an extensive curriculum that would allow me not only to learn the fundamentals of business, in particular, accounting, but also enable me to apply the principles that I have learned as I move along with my career. In other words, after graduating from the university as a business accountant, I believe that I would be well-equipped with the vital skills and knowledge that would enable me to become a well-rounded and highly competent businesswoman or business accountant.

Furthermore, what sets me apart from other applicants is my unwavering passion for business. I have always shown enthusiasm in studying business-related courses, especially accounting, as I believe I would have a prospective career in that field. Basically, my passion for business is best shown in the subjects that I have taken in college which include several mathematics, accounting, macroeconomics, and microeconomics courses, among others.

From these courses, I have learned how to gather data, solve problems and present them in front of the class, which I believe are key traits and essential skills needed in any business endeavor. In addition, the lessons that I have learned in these classes would not only be applicable in my future academic life, but in real life as well. Moreover, I am also well-versed with the computer as, during the summer, I have taken several informal computer classes, which I believe would help me in my stay in the university.

In addition, as a result of my practice and familiarity with computer-related procedures, I have been able to help friends, relatives, and acquaintances with their computer problems, which provided me interpersonal skills as well. However, my skills are not limited in the classroom as I have been involved with various extracurricular activities as well. These include the Singapore Youth Festival for Instrumental Ensemble (1999 & 2000), the Chinese Dance (2000), the 2001 sports fest where I won a god medal in the 200-meter dash event and a silver medal in the shot put event.

In addition, in 2002, I also joined the Art Club and the Contemporary Dance club and performed at every school function and celebration. In other words, given my various activities and participations in different organizations, I believe that I am a highly-versatile person. Moreover, being an international student from Indonesia, which is an economically deprived country, I have come to understand the value of hard work and perseverance and being able to overcome the language barrier is just one example.

In addition, I believe that my international background would allow me contribute to the cultural diversity of the university as I would be able to share to others the different aspects of my culture. In short, even though I fell short in the school’s English proficiency, I believe that my skills, knowledge, experience, and most of all, my passion for business, would more than make up more my mistakes and weaknesses. If I am blessed and fortunate enough to be accepted into the UW-Bothell, I would work hard so that I would be able to achieve my goal of becoming a highly successful and highly adept businesswoman someday.

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